Monday, March 16, 2009

Try this again...

Okay I'm going to try this whole blogging for stitching thing again.
I love reading and seeing what everyone else is working on in the cross stitch world. So again I will attempt to have my own blog.
Perhaps it will be easier now as my man, that I live with, has a great camera to take photos for me. Previously I think that was what was discouraging for me was getting photos dealt with. Also it hurt that I didn't stitch for quite awhile after my March car accident last year (that some of you may remember) I had just been getting into blogging that January. I am now going to try this again. And hopefully it goes better. The inspiration to stitch that I get from others is fantastic and I hope I can pass some of that one to others.
So anyways... look here soon for updates on my WIPS.
They include:
- Characters Creations - Judgement Tarot
- Barbara Smith Designs - Baby with train
- Freebie Pumpkin (can't remember the designer off the top of my head)

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Gabi said...

Welcome to the world of blogging :)