Monday, April 14, 2014

Herb Garden - Perforated Paper

Let me confess first. I love, and I mean love, these adorable little Bead and Button designs from Mill Hill. They are done on perforated paper and I always have at least one on the go as I just love how easy they are when I'm tired or not feeling well. And sometimes playing with beads and stitching is just what I want to do. :)

So the latest one I started a few months back was from their Spring Series 2013 (I think) called Herb Garden.
Now you won't see my big mistake that I've decided to just go with in these photos, but I started too far to the right on the left edge... very annoying of me. So I'm going to stitch until about halfway through the last vase in the design (5 squares) and just build the border in. Therefore making this one not square, but more tall rectangle. It will work, besides it's not necessarily for sale at my store or even a gift. I just like doing these so I do them and throw many on my fridge for a bit, and then in a drawer (yet, sad but true).

Here's the design in it's entirety:

Here's my stitching so far:

And this is my really fun to use thread holder (sorry for crappy photo):

 As these are the only projects I ever really do that require less than 50 colors I always get a squee when I get to use my cute wood thread holders. I have this square and another in the shape of a paint palette. Super cute and work okay with this amount of thread. Not for every project, and not for everyone but a nice change for me from bobbins.

Hope you're all doing well. We are getting a bit of a reprieve from winter here. But I'm not holding my breath, as we always get more snow into mid-May. 

Don't forget to keep to those budgets if you're in or following SFS2014! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Stitch From Stash Update

End of March already, where does the time go.

I got some good time last weekend into Dragons and am quite pleased to be just over halfway through the page I'm working on. Pics to come soon!

As for what I bought this month; a few things in some different areas.

I got a couple eBay patterns for nice and cheap. Including this one that I just love!

And more Ink Circles. The latest is Lunation (shown below). I got the chart and threads for this. I have a piece of fabric I think will be just perfect for it in my stash. I really need to stop buying Ink Circles and actually stitch some of them, lol. But I swear she reads my mind and creates patterns that are just perfect for me! It was pointed out to me by an Aussie that it was really nice to have two different views of the world and not just North America to stitch. I never would have thought of this and say that I love the attention put into this piece to make it internationally friendly.

So total spent on eBay items (there are about 10 new charts. I know smack me now) and Lunation is $46.11 this month. Thank goodness I have carry over from February!
I'm going to try and avoid eBay a little bit more this month (April). As sometimes I think I buy things on eBay because they are a "great deal" and not because I must have them in my stash. So time to start being picky on eBay the way I have been with new stuff.

Hope you're all doing well. I'm still working through the SFS March updates and newsletter for those in the group will be out by next weekend. I'll share some tips and links here on he blog next weekend for everyone following along as well.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Help! - Wanting Calendar Girls

How's everyone doing in bland ole March?

Me? I'm not loving March... I never do. I just want to buy stuff!!! But I already have some bids on eBay that will take up budget and I just don't want to be in debt to future months as I think that would be way worse.

So let's talk about my latest loves... maybe you can convince me out of them? (or faun over how much you love them too).
I really don't need anymore continuous patterns for a year set. I don't know why I love them so much, like cottages, and then have nothing to do with them... but damn they draw me in.

So my latest, OMG why didn't I join that yearly group? 
Calendar Girls from Little House Needleworks
Aren't they coming in so cute (one per month this year released):

I mean come on so cute!?
But alas... unnecessary for me. So I will drool and be unable to explain why.

To share my vision; I might actually drop the months but use the vines between the girl and the months, then put the girls on one row side by side... can you see it? I can.

Seeing as how I haven't really stitched much in a long while I really don't need NEW things. And I want to start Turrets after Counting Bats. (which I'd share a pic of but it's pathetic like 20 stitches since you last saw it). And the ever needing to be worked on Dragons calls me (it says you're only 3.5 pages away from done).

However, the store is slowing down (sad for income but good for stitching time); so later this month, or even this coming weekend  might be some good stitching time coming my way.

Alright everyone... I hope you are all doing well and beating the "SMarch" blues (if you get that reference then yeah, if you don't that's okay it's just from a  silly cartoon with yellow people).

Stitch away and know that spring is on it's way. For many of you long before it will be for me!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Stitch From Stash - Results

Well the splurge weekend in February probably saved me from going over budget. I just got my market purchases in the mail this past week and cannot wait to start Turrets!! I've not been dying to stitch a piece in a long time like this. I know it's because of the personal connection both DH and myself feel we have to it. However I've decided to finish up my Halloween Just Nan UFO first.

Now why don't I have any stitching pictures? 
Well that is because February as the largest sales month of all time for my little Etsy store. And I've been sooo busy making a ton of bracelets. This first week of March has proven to be no slower. But I've confident I'll stitch soon. I am starting to miss it! (which is just sad, lol).

In the meantime though I've been waiting a long time to release a really beautiful necklace and pendant combination. I have 15 of these handmade glass pendants, and can make the choker without the pendant of course. So in the spirit of having a photo here she be. :)

What did I actually spend in Feb?
Well since I used all of my $100 exemption from market weekend I had $0.74 of overage. I didn't buy anything else! I keep loosing on ebay auctions, lol. It's kind of on purpose.

There will be no exemptions or special event in March to help me though, and I find March to be the worst, saddest, most frustrating month of the year. So I feel like this is really the moment of "challenge on".
Hope you are all hanging on out there and know that I too struggle constantly.
Keep stitching (because I don't have time, lol)!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Splurge Weekend - Purchases!!!

Well it was the first of a very few splurge weekends that the Stitch From Stash (SFS) group is having. So I, of course, had to take advantage of the $100 budget that my wonderful man chose for us.
So what did I buy??

I got, the pattern I've been raving about forever, Turretts and Town by Ink Circles. Along with a couple different black silks to try out and see which I like best to stitch it with. I have a couple of beige, tea dyed fabrics that we are going to likely pick from when we get the threads and patterns. Right now the man and I have selected a location for this pattern.
Why is this pattern so special to have a whole plan?? (something I never have)
Because it reminded us both immediately of a town in Germany we visited called Mastricht that was just over the border from the Netherlands (where we were visiting). And we feel it's a great little stitching piece I can do that symbolizes our first big trip to Europe together.

I got a new pattern that I just love the colors and design of that was a new release at the Nashville Needle Market. It's called "Shades of Gold" by Northern Expressions. I only got the pattern as that is what the budget allowed. But feel that one pattern to add to my stash is alright, considering a normal Nashville Market for me would be like 10 patterns. (I know I had no control before, and don't really now just have a group that is keeping me in check).

And last but not least I got a little Mill Hill new kit called "Caterpillar". I love these little kits as they are fun, colorful and don't require any other supplies. They are also easy and great for me to work on when I am not feeling well or my hands are bothering me. I've probably got somewhere around 20 different Mill Hill kits (smaller like this and the larger ones). They are a great stashing item and often I do them on holidays as well.

I got a new set of red stock scissors to replace a pair of stork scissors I lost last week. :( They were my travelling scissors which is why I can't be upset that they are lost as that is how it goes. I loose lots of stuff so I use $10 scissors for my travel kits (mostly Kumihim Bracelets) to ensure that it's no big deal to replace them. I did include them in my budget for the splurge weekend.

So all total I spent exactly $100.35 this weekend. Which means that I have a whole $0.35 to report, so far, in February as spending. I couldn't be more thrilled with my restraint this weekend. I struggled a lot with what to buy (I know I'm pathetic) but it never used to really be a huge thought. I just bought what I wanted and went with it. So now that I have to report my spending, am sharing what I buy with all of you; I feel more accountable. I think this process of SFS is going to really (I hope) change my spending habits, maybe in more than just stitching. We are not wealthy people
and with owning our own home now, as well as the repairs needed to it and other projects/plans I think being a bit more accountable is a very worthy thing. So only 1 1/2 months into this challenge I feel like I can make this work. At least for the rest of the year if not permanently. Or at least today it's a positive day. Maybe because I just bought stuff. LOL.

Thanks for dropping by and all your lovely comments on Counting Bats. More to come on that project and Dragons soon! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Counting Bats: From UFO to WIP

Thanks to Stitch from Stash group/project for the year I have actually grabbed what was a UFO and turned it into a WIP! This lovely little Just Nan project was started by me at least 2-3 years ago. I had bought all the lovely silks for it and a gorgeous purple overdyed Weeks Dye Works 32ct fabric. It's odd to think that this project sat for so long as I love it so much. But that is why I need to stop buying things as I just can't seem to keep up with 5 projects nevermind 100. lol.

The first band #7 was complete when I picked it up. The rest have been added since I finished cottages. Sorry about the quality of photos, they are not that great. I'll have my DH do them up for me next time. The fabric is more purple and everything is more vibrant that it is showing in these photos.

I'm still deciding what items to purchase on splurge weekend. I'll update on that early next week and share my excitement over some new projects (that I actually have a plan for, and aren't just stash).
My latest thought/tip on the SFS: When you go to buy a project then have a plan for it ahead of time. That way it doesn't just add to stash and never get done.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Splurge Weekend!!!

It's Nashville Needle Market this weekend, and so as promised there is a special budget for this weekend only for the Stitch From Stash (SFS) group. My lovely man chose the budget to still challenge most of us (me in particular) but to still allow us to buy at least one full project (pattern, fabric and threads) if we wanted.
So the budget is $100 (US). Has to be spent by Sunday and is not included in the $25 budget for the month.

So what am I doing? 
Shopping of course! And agonizing. You all know that the new Ink Circles Turretts is coming home with me this weekend finally! But there are new Glendon Place that are gorgeous. And "Shades of Gold" by Needle Necessities is just gorgeous!! Also new additions from Brooks in the Wizard of Oz series (including the Wicked Witch!)

And there will be new items released all weekend long by designers. So I'm going to wait to order until Sunday. But I am sooo itching to buy everything.
I must be the worst participant for wanting to spend money in the entire SFS group. LOL.

Working on: 
I've also been working a little bit on Dragons (on that final top row!), and will have an update on my UFO that has been picked back up again called "Counting Bats" from Just Nan.
It's been a slow stitching month as my Etsy store is just crazy the last couple weeks, so I've been making a lot of bracelets. However it's awesome. My new laptop just got finished being paid for. 6 months to pay it off and entirely paid for in store sales!!

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, happy stitching!