Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2015-A - Only 15 spots left!

Anyone else frantically finishing up their holiday stitching?!
I know I am!! :)    Sorry can't share pics as not sure on readership from my "real life". But I will share once finished and gifted.

What I'm really here to remind you all is that if you want in on Stitch From Stash 2015-A (Jan 1 to Jun 30) then you need to sign-up now!!! There are only 15 spots for bloggers left and 3 for email participants!! Do not delay!
To sign-up click the tab for SFS2015-A above this post and follow the directions.

Want to tell others that you're in for SFS2015-A, grab the button/photo to the left and post it in your sidebar or on a blog post! You can link it back to the tab page (above) link which is where everyone will be posting their updates each month.

There will be communications heading out to everyone in the group in the next week or so that indicates how to log-in for each month. Deadlines and other pertinent information to follow at the same time.

Good news to those that are "following" us along this year. The newsletters will be public this year! They will be posted to the magical tab page (still above) for everyone to view the tips, tricks and latest on SFS.

Happy (quick) Stitching moving into the crunch time of the month. 
I cannot wait for January when I can go back to hard-core stitching on Dragons and be less stressed about... well... everything! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2015-A -- SIGN-UPS OPEN

Want to sign-up for Stitch From Stash 2015-A? 
Click the tab/page above for SFS2015-A, read the rules and information, just before the comments is the sign-up spot to put in your blog link. 

If you do not have a blog or page to publically post to please send a request to participate via email only to stitchfromstash@gmail.com. A limited number of people will be permitted to participate without blogs. 

Group will have a cap number on it so sign-up now if you want in for SFS2015-A, which runs from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. 
Sign-ups will close on Dec 21, 2014 or when 120 people have signed up. Whichever comes first! 

Questions or concerns ?
Contact me (Mel) at stitchfromstash@gmail.com

Monday, December 1, 2014

Stitch From Stash - November 2014

Can you believe it is December 1 already!? As usual time goes by much too quickly.
I'm frantically stitching away on my two Xmas gifts that I'm hesitant to show pics of just in case.
In the meantime Dragons is sitting a bit ignored in a corner. But I'm anxious to get back there and am sure I will soon!

For November Stitch From Stash 2014 I have spent more money on eBay... I know, I know it's my huge downfall and continues to be. I can't turn down a deal, maybe I need a therapy group...? Oh wait, maybe that is what SFS is all about! (lol).

I spent a total of $34.23 this month, but as last month I didn't spend any AND we had the lovely bonus of $50 to the end of the year as designated by my DH I'm still ok.
I've got somewhere just under $30.00 left in budget to Dec. 21.
Which all means No Cyber Monday Purchases Allowed!!! Which is why I'm writing this instead of shopping... and going to log some more participants in SFS instead of shopping and then maybe throw my laptop in a snowbank to stop myself from shopping... (though then I would get to shop for a new laptop... hm...LOL!)

 I think I can make it.. I think I can.. I think I can... just like the little engine that could. Though I must say I'm impressed to make it this far and have held to the budget!!! My DH is even more impressed. He figures all of the group members are keeping me honest and controlled. Something for which I'm sure he'd like to send a personal thank you to everyone in SFS2014. :)

For those interested 2015 Stitch From Stash is pending an announcement very soon. Hopefully by Friday!! Those in the group will have first dibs at signing up and then everyone else will be allowed. There is going to be a cap on the number of people in the group so please watch here and the 2015 newly created page (see tabs above) for the announcements if you are interested in joining.

I will be back soon with bigger and better news on 2015 SFS.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Start - Gift Stitching

Tis the season for gift stitching! I've got 3 gift stitches going on right now. 2 for Christmas and 1 for February deadline. 

This new start is the February gift (yes I should work the Xmas ones first, lol). It's super cute pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery. Being stitched on "Iris Garden Morning Glory" 28ct lugana (even weave) that came from my stash. I think it's a Picture this Plus fabric. Amazingly soft and vibrant. Very glad I had it in stash!! Being stitched with good ole DMC also from my stash. 

 I'll share snippets of the gift stitching over the next few weeks. I'm unsure who of my "real life" vs "online" friends frequent this blog so I have to be moderately careful. Lol!! 

In some unfortunate news: I've learned today that Love Thy Thread, a company with (mostly gothic) artist rendered patterns (like HAED) is closing their shop on Dec 1. Check out for yourself before Dec 1 at:  www.lovethythread.com I bought 2 patterns after much deliberation. 
A steampunk themed one called "Lady Mechanica". You can see it here: 
http://www.lovethythread.com/lady-mechanica-colour.htm (their photos are locked up so couldn't repost)
And another called "Bare" that I won't post as it involves nudity (gorgeous and tasteful but just to be safe). If you want to see click here: http://www.lovethythread.com/bare.html 

Dragons is progressing. It's a bit boring with mostly solid white and off white to stitch. But that does mean it stitches quick which is never a bad thing!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dragons - The Head!!!

Well, it feels like my one dragon has been headless for so long he's likely made friends with Ichabod Crane... And then one day he suddenly has a head.

This is the second last page of dragons which included the last dragons head. There is still lots of basic white and some yellow stitching to finish the page. But that stitching goes by sooo fast when there is almost no color changes. Please excuse the scroll bar lines and indents I did not bother to iron it. Here is the second last pages detailed area, the Dragon head:

That is the majority of the detail of this piece. Like I said a bunch of the sky/sun stitches in the rest of this page. Then last page is the remainder of the tree and branches on a yellow sky. 
So I have a goal. My hope is to try and have this done by mid-January 2015 for my Uncle's birthday (whom this epic piece is for). Or alternatively by March 2015. I'd like to enter it in the Needlework Competition in July here in Calgary (and it needs to be framed for that) so May is my "drop-dead" deadline.
My Uncle first requested this piece back before I was even dating my man and while I still lived by myself. It's crazy to think how much has happened to me, this blog and this piece in the last 7 years. I sometimes think that Dragons holds pieces of me over those years. I will be delighted to give it to my Uncle (who is like my older brother and only 9 years older than me) and have him proudly display it in his home. When he first asked for it he had no lady and no family. Today he has a wife, toddler and 2 step kids! How the world changes in a short few years.

Coming Up: I have a new start that is super cute, easy and fun to stitch! It's a gift and has a timeline but it's stitching up fast so I'm not worried. I also have some 'secret stitching' for holidays to get done (but need to order the patterns lol). I'm also wanting to bring out Metamorphosis by Ink Circles as I'm over 50% done it as well. Lots to stitch and never enough time!  :) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ornament Finish & October Stitch From Stash

Whew! Thank you so much to everyone for all your wonderful comments and excitement surrounding my inclusion in CSN Magazine. I realized only a few days ago that it was the edition that has Joan Elliott's Cinderella piece(s) in it and am overjoyed that everyone who gets the magazine will have such a gorgeous pattern in their hands!! 

It's that time for October Stitch From Stash.
I can't believe we're down to only 2 months to go in the year, and therefore less than 2 months until Christmas *gasp* better get on some gift making and purchasing!
I spent $19.96 on a couple sale patterns this month and NOTHING on EBAY!!! I'm most proud of my avoidance of eBay. :)
My hubby decided on a Halloween/Year End bonus for everyone in the group of $50 to spend anytime between now and Dec. 31. I think he was feeling bad when he saw the spreadsheet and that many ladies, including myself, were down to almost no budget left (lol). So I have that "cushion" but darn does it go away fast. I'm going to try and hold onto the bonus as long as possible until I really *need* to spend it. (need might not be the right word...)

Joy Ornament
I decided to print out some of the patterns from the latest edition of Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine (2014) as I now get my mags from them digitally and seem to forget about the great things I want to stitch from them.
So I had about 5 printed for a couple weeks and kept thinking I should at least stitch one or two new holiday ornaments before December. In the end I chose this tiny cutie "Joy" from My Big Toe Designs.

I changed the threads to over-dyed I had on hand from stash. The brown is a Weeks Dye Works and the blue/green is a Carrie's Creations thread (all cotton). The fabric is as a leftover ornament sized piece. I believe it's a 32ct linen.
I stitched this little joy up in only a few hours which was wonderful!

Dragons update: The head is sooo close to being done... I want to get all the colors done around it before the giant blocks of white start for the background before showing it. By the end of the weekend I should have it all done up. Watch for a post next week!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Exciting News! - As Featured in Cross Stitch Collection

I have exciting news today for everyone. I mentioned it briefly in early Summer but it's officially been published and completed!

This blog, Epic Stitching, and myself (Mel) have been featured in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection (CSC) that hits news stands today! Some of you may have received it this week via subscription services with CSC.
CSC approached me back in June and asked me if I'd like to be featured and I could not have been more excited or flattered!!!

If you're visiting me for the first time because of Cross Stitch Collection I just want to say thank you for your interest!!! Have a peek at the previous posts for past stitching, current WIPs and my recent finish. 

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and enjoy the wonderful patterns and articles in CSC; including their feature about me, my stitching and this blog.
Let me also say that; without all of my followers, stitchers, cheerleaders and visitors this blog would be nothing. This is really a display of your support to myself and this blog. Thank you to all of you!!! 

I was lucky enough to be sent a preview copy of the article so you get a sense for how big this exposure is and the weight they gave to me (it's a double page spread!). Check it out!

Error: There is an embarrassing error you might have caught in the article. It is 100% my fault and not the fault of CSC. I mention "In Memory of" piece that I'm sure many of my long time followers may remember. It was made in Memory of Rene, not Meari as the article indicates. Those familiar with the blogging community likely know that Meari is alive and well and an amazing blogger herself! My apologies for this extreme oversight on my part... I by no means meant to insult Rene's memory or Meari's current contribution to the community.

Upcoming: I've almost got a Dragon head!!! The second last page of Dragons is slowly progressing. I will share it ASAP when the second Dragons head is filled in as that is the "important" part of the page. I'm halfway through it so won't be long now (I hope!).