Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dragons Page FINISH! - 2 to go!

It would seem my little trick worked; start a new piece and then give me motivation to finish a Dragons page if I switch off. :)

So I'm pleased to say I have another page finish!! Only 2 to go!!
Here is the latest. Please forgive the angles and the bottom is slightly folded over. I was eager to keep going and didn't wait for my man to come home and take good photos.
Top Section:

Entire piece, minus a small fold over at bottom:

It seems very surreal to me to be on the second last page in some ways; and in others I feel like I have been doing this project forever. Though after almost 7 years it has been a long time. In fact I started this piece when my lovely man was just entering back into my life. And seeing as how I can barely remember life without him and we are approaching 6 years of living together I suppose it's like a lifetime in my mind.

As always thank you so much for your continuing support and questions about Dragons. It keeps me from getting too distracted by other pretty things! :)

No stitching purchases so far this past week! Sadly that is an accomplishment! Lol.
However I feel like I'm saving again and "stitching from stash" which is encouraging!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Start - Metamorphisis

So as many of you know I've been struggling with Stitch From Stash. And I have a bit of an idea as to why...
I haven't really stitched anything new! Instead I've just tried to stop buying as much stuff which is not rewarding.
So I decided regardless of how many projects and goals I have right now I'm going to start something new. Guilt free (or so I'm trying to tell myself)
I have picked a project that's not a "small" but likely to be a quick project and one I am stitching and had kitted up just because I love the design and the colors. No reason to do it except that I want to.

So here is the kitted up project from my stash. I didn't have to buy or reorganize anything; this project was ready to in my stash.

It's called "Metamorphosis" by Ink Circles (yep a Mel fave designer). I am using the exact Gentle Arts colors called for. The linen is a bit lighter and different. I can't remember exactly the brand it is but it's a 32-count linen.

I'm hoping this start helps curtail some spending. And maybe I can make "mini deals" with myself to stitch Dragons so much and then work on this as a reward.
Worth trying I figure!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Stitch From Stash - July

I've come to the conclusion that it will be a miracle if I can go one entire month without spending anything on stash...
This makes me kinda sad. Seriously how is it that I just can't stop looking??
I think one of my 'new' goals is to have one year in 2014 where I can log a zero in SFS.

So this month... no zero for me... really didn't do all that well at all actually...
+ $19 HAED - Raven (I shouldn't have I know but I was chatting with Michele about some copyright stuff and couldn't help but go and buy something new from her - Shown on right)
+ $18 on JSC Halloween Mag (of course!!!) and Kreinik for Mermaid
+ $17 Fabric on eBay
+ $13 Serendipity patterns on eBay
= $105 (US)
= $67 (US)
EDIT: Thank you, thank you to all my awesome readers for commenting to correct my math!!! I'd say how embarrassing but at the same time I'm not so great at basic math (apparently). 
So the total is actually $67!!!
This new total I WILL log and keep my exemption as I think I can make it work in my budget by using forward money and attempting to have August be a ZERO month. *fingers crossed* 

Okay I didn't realize how badly I'd really done until I added it all up. I'm fired for sure!
So what that means is I'm going to take my exemption/skip month for July. But I'm soooo disappointed with myself for not keeping better track so that I could be sure to spend even more! (I know I'm pathetic - but did you know there are 2 more witches from Mirabilia now!!!)

Now I have to have to be good in August. I can do this I hope. At least stay under $25!
I won't lie I'm starting to feel like I might fail at this whole Stitch From Stash as I haven't really started anything significant from my stash or had any significant finishes except Cottages. I guess my Mermaid is a stash pick-up and Counting Bats is too but I haven't gotten to finishing it yet (I need to get on that!)

Alright. That's enough of that.
Upcoming: Dragons page is close to done, just filling in a bunch of white. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mirabilia Mermaid & Winner Announcement

Thank you sooooo much to everyone for such lovely comments about the choice CSC magazine made to feature my blog. I cannot wait to share what issue it will be in. As soon as I know you will know too!! 

Mermaid Update
I think I've shared this piece maybe once since kitting it up and putting it into my "work on when bored" bag. It's called "South Sea Mermaid" and is by Mirabilia. I have picked it up a bit in the last couple months so it actually has some semblance of a "beginning" to it.
It's on 28ct (over 2) SilkWeavers fabric which is just divine (seriously some of the nicest fabric I've ever used!)! I love the smoothness and color of the fabric. Using DMC, lots of beads (which will be added last) and Krenik (that I just ordered) it is quite a delight to stitch on.
As always I started from the bottom corner. Not quite perfectly but mostly, so this is some seaweed/plant below her and the beginning of her tail. Lots of beads and Krenik not yet in here that fills in holes, creates swooping ends and whatnot. But you get the idea I hope.

Thank you to everyone who commented to enter for the giveaways and whom re-shared on blogs or twitter. I really appreciate all your lovely congratulatory messages.
Without further delay....

Package 1 winner is: KimM @

Package 2 winner is: Heather @ 

Winners please email me your mailing addresses - epicstitching (at) gmail (dot) com or use the message me button on my profile.

In other news: The latest page of Dragons is coming along. Filling in spaces of the same white, while quick, is not so exciting so I'm doing it in smaller stages. I'm hoping for a finish on this page no later than end of August. Counting Bats is due for some time and an update so that will likely be later next week with my Stitch from Stash update. 

Thanks as always for visiting. Those in summer enjoy the sunshine! Those in winter, enjoy the cooled off temperatures (because I don't know how you stand it when it's so hot in the summer, lol)! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exciting News!!

As promised I have a very exciting news to announce to everyone!
While the timing of this is as yet unknown (I will update when I know), it has been confirmed to be happening and almost all my requirements for submission have been met (I have to send some extra photos in still).

I was approached a couple weeks ago by Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. They are running a series of features on stitchers who blog, where we chat about why we have our blog, what we stitch and other stitchy questions. I'm sooo very excited!!

Now I know many of you are thinking, but Mel you used to work in magazines and that wasn't near as exciting... Well the difference for me is this is a magazine about my absolute fave thing to do in the world. And I feel it's a HUGE compliment to be chosen.

Now here's the thing that I know with absolute certainty. This feature is a huge compliment to all my followers as well, yes that's you!! Because without all of you to encourage me, vote, have dialogues, give opinions, etc. this blog would be nothing. So I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my followers, new and old, over the last 5 years. This blog started as a way to track my Dragons progress, and to meet other stitchers and it's become so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. All because of my readers! We've been through some crazy life events over the last 5 years; including surgery, health issues, living with my man, buying my first home and so much more! Nevermind all the XS projects including the continuing epic of Dragons, Mirabilia Fairy, Raven, Lizzie Kate Halloween fun, Cottages and sooo many more!

As a big thank you I'd like to hold a giveaway!!! Yep that's right, a big thank you to all of YOU. :)
There are two different packages to enter for, you can enter for both or just one as you prefer.

Giveaway Requirements! 
1) You must be a follower of my blog
2) You must comment on THIS post and indicate if you want to be entered for package 1, 2 or both.
3) To get additional entries you can do one of the following:
    - Post about this giveaway on your blog (please comment with a link)
    - Tweet about this giveaway (please comment with a link)
    - Tweet about my Etsy shop (please comment with a link)

The Prizes! 

Package 1:
All patterns I've stitched in the past and finishes I've shared on this blog over the years:
- Just Nan: Merry Old Elf
- Lizzie Kate: Spring Basket (Snippet)
- Just Nan: Over the Top (Glow!) - pattern only
- The Trilogy: Domes of Doom (Haunted Heads) with Liberty Street Designs 28ct Caramel Toffee linen

Package 2:
My favourite "easy" stitches are Mill Hill Bead & Button kits on perforated paper. So here's two for you to work through, or try out if you've never worked on perforated paper before.
- Mill Hill Holiday Ornaments III (Frosty)
- Mill Hill Autumn Series VII (Autumn Garden)

Good luck to everyone!!

Other updates: Dragons is continuing on and looking great on this page (though filling in the giant spaces of just white or ivory is kinda boring). Current Mill Hill (herb garden) is actually getting worked on AND I worked on my Mirabilia a bit this week, pics of the Mermaid to come. 

Truly thank you to absolutely all of you for making this blog what it is today and for sticking with me for so long! 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Small Finish & Dragons Update

July is here, which also means summer is here in Calgary. Our 6-8 weeks of nice weather has started. :)
However, as I have to stay out of the sun because of meds I have been inside a lot stitching. But luckily there is a window I can open to share in the summer some.

On that note, let's get to that stitching! I finished a Lizzie Kate piece; part of a series but I stitched it up to be framed (eventually) and sold at my Etsy store. This "remember" on 28ct linen. I changed all colors for hand dyed threads I had on hand and made my own color scheme.

My dragons update is a bit of a tease, I won't lie. But it will show you my progress on the latest page. This page has A LOT of the same 3 colors in giant chunks. So I did my own version of gridding. I've stitched the black/colored stitches to create spaces where I don't have to check the pattern or count all the time. I use pencil crayon to mark off but I changed this to black and white so you could easily see the system.

Thanks for continuing to follow everyone.
Exciting news later this week, sorry can't confirm it yet. And some finish finishes (amazingly) that I did up myself. I"ll be back soon!

Monday, June 30, 2014

June Stitch from Stash & Small Finish

It's finally summer here! Well, at least as summer as it gets. Which is to say it's about 21C (70F) each day with a thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening. And I'm just fine with that as no one (but crazy rich people) have A/C here I love when it cools off in the evening.

That brings me to my Stitch From Stash update for June
Everyone was given a $50 bonus, on top of their budget $25 for the month (and of course carryover can still be used). So I went a bit crazy... And feel like I just want to keep buying still now. It's awful. But here's what I got in the end so far this month (I'm going to have to be careful in July now as I have no carryover at all!):
  • $19.95 for Gigi & beads (I'll use DMC & fabric from stash)
  • $42.00 on 9 patterns from eBay, including lots of Ink Circles patterns (show pics of 3 matching).
  • $0.00 on two cross stitch books because of issues with ebay a seller sent me free 2 books by Joan Elliott including "Fairy Enchantment". Love how beautiful these books are and definitely worth even the retail price based on number of patterns inside.
Small Finish
From Just Nan, this piece is "Summer". A Whimzi design that I happen to have the Whimzi frame for that is quite cute (it has a cute little flower on the edge). Which means I will actually, eventually, finish this into something (lol).
Done on 32 count pale pink linen with DMC (2 DMC substituted as didn't have exact number available in stash and didn't want to pilfer from kitted up projects). The linen is not really showing up as pink as it actually is... so imagine it pinker?

This piece will be going up for sale on Etsy once framed and complete (this is my way of motivating myself to finish it, I hope!)

In Other News: 
Dragons is coming along. I'll post when I'm at a halfway through the page point. Maybe even as early as the end of the month if I'm really hopeful.
Just Nan - Counting Bats is only 3 bands away from complete! It will be photoed and I'll update on it next week.
I also have a very exciting story to share with everyone but am going to wait to hear the "official" word on it. It is stitching related and quite flattering for me. But I'll delve more into it as soon as I can (maybe by next week).

Happy Stitching!