Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paisley Tree - Finish

Well I should really have been working on some of my larger pieces... but instead I decided to do up a quick little Mill Hill Christmas Tree ornament.
This is from their smaller kit series and called Paisley Tree. Used the kit supplies of DMC thread, perforated paper and Mill Hill beads.
A crazy quick stitch, I did this in two nights of a few hours each!

Not really much else to say about this little guy.
I have however made some small amounts of progress on my Mirabilla Mermaid (yes the same one from like five years ago, lol). So it should be the next update.
Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Witches Night Out Finish

I can't possibly tell you how much I enjoyed this piece. It was an easy, cute, satisfying stitching project. I'm not really sure why; but it was just lovely. I'm waiting to grab some more of Gervais' work as soon as I have some funds available. :)

This is Witches Night Out by Brenda Gervais (With Thy Needle & Thread). I changed most of the colours from the original. I wanted to use things from my stash, and wanted the dress of the witch to be more purple than black.
The coverage is not great. For those that will recall I was worried about that while I was stitching it and decided that was part of the 'antique' look to it. I actually like it now that it's done with it's loose coverage. It seems to fit the feel and look of the piece.

Done on a 32ct 'Smokey White' linen. You can see there is variation in the background of the linen. It's not all just bad lighting, there is actual change and marbling to the linen.

I've actually got a couple more pieces that I've had some good work happening on. I"ll be to back to share them soon!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Antique Look or a Fail?

I've got some photos to share today of my start "Witches Night Out" by Brenda Gervais. I've changed almost all the colours and used overdyed variegated threads I had on hand. But it's not the colours that have me a bit unsure... 

Instead it's the coverage. I know stitchers can debate to the ends of the earth about coverage. I do believe we can all agree that on a full stitched covered piece (ie: HAED, Mystic Stitches, etc) you must have good coverage. But what about on a smaller, more delicate piece? 
I love the traditional, antique look of Gervais' pattern; and in looking at the model you can see that the coverage is far from 100%. 

Note on the photos: you can see the smoky look on the fabric in these photos that was invisible last time. It's a very subtle marbling that I just adore. It's just hard to photograph. 

Now it's important to note that I'm very against bulky coverage. But perhaps this is too little coverage... 

It's 1 strand over 2 on 36ct linen (same count and coverage as called for in pattern). 

I'm likely to keep going as is no matter what. But I'd love to hear (good or bad) what others think.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I was supposed to do laundry...

While downstairs to do some laundry today; I saw a toppling over pile of stash (all bought this year) and decided I should do something about it. 
In sitting down to actually sort and organize I learned three things: 
1) I'm literally out of drawer space for charts
2) I have a lot of great stash (that lives neglected in my dark basement) 
3) ohhh I want to start all of these! Lol. 

So I sorted and made new (smaller) piles of charts. Put a few away that I could and  looked at the five projects I'd 'set aside', presumably to stitch them. 
Now, I haven't had much time to stitch lately and knew the last thing I needed was a start... But I figured I could pull colours... 
So I chose "Witches Night Out" by Brenda Gervais. 
In looking at the beautiful pattern I realized I had only two of the variegated threads needed. So it was time to play the "do I have a colour close game?" 
Here's my (no where near close) colour selections: 
I say nowhere near close because I'm changing a lot of colour elements... Hoping mine still comes out with the vintage look Brenda intended but have a bit more colour to it.

But of course now I needed fabric... You can't really tell in the photo there is a slight grey marbling to the fabric. It's called Smokey Grey in 32ct (my sticky didn't say who did it). My first thought was "oh wow this fabric is perfect, but maybe too nice for this piece!". 

Seriously?! What is wrong with me. This fabric is in my stash with no attached or planned project and it's perfect. I then thought "if I'm going to take time to stitch something then it's ALWAYS worth the best!" 

At least I came to my senses! 
Do you ever do that? Think to yourself that something (fabric, thread, etc) is too special or nice for a piece? 
Do you use it anyway? 

And that laundry I was supposed to do... Got 1 of 3 loads done in 3 hours... I'm going to call that a win.   ;) 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey look a finish!

Blah, blah, blah <insert excuse for no posts here>. Busy, busy, busy <insert desire to stitch more comment here>. 
Blah, blah, blah. 

Mill Hill Kit "Moonlit Kitties" 
Black Perforated Paper (14ct) 
DMC & Mill Hill Beads as kitted

If you're thinking "hey Mel why'd you remove the back stitch?" the answer is: I hate back stitch with a fiery passion and I didn't feel it added enough to the piece to be needed. It's really all about shiny beads! 

<insert commitment to try and blog more, even though I know I will likely fail on said commitment>. 

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stitching Magazine Subscriptions - Worth it?

So... I've been thinking a lot lately about subscriptions that I have to stitching magazines. So I decided to share my thoughts/analysis with all of you. Cause my husband really didn't care to hear about it. LOL.

The Library is your Friend
Let's start with the obvious win. The library. I am able to download 3 Cross Stitch Magazines (one out of the UK!) digitally via my library subscription (free in many cities these days). Digital is an absolute dream in the world of pattern collecting. It takes no space and as they are free via the library you just can't loose!  Seriously if you haven't looked into your libraries digital options do it. Worth the effort to figure out how to use the different systems. Note: you only get the ability to print out a page or two at a time, but it's enough to get a full pattern. And the digital copies are accessed with their software and could be archived. So I print what I like in each magazine immediately to ensure I don't miss out.

In the case of other magazines I pay. And because I live in Canada I subscribe where possible to digital versions (postage is more than the magazine is worth). This means, again, no physical space taken up and easy to print off a pattern when I want to work on it.
For the purposes of this analysis I've the most popular North American stitching magazine Just Cross Stitch Magazine.
I've been a subscriber to Just Cross Stitch for pretty much ever. lol. And before that my Mom was the subscriber. I've donated or given away many of my hardcopies over the years (and love having access to back issues digitally) but a few hard copies have stuck around due to having patterns I adore in them. So what's to talk about... well it's down to cost. I keep asking myself if the magazines are worth the subscription price.

Why am I talking about this? 
While Stitch from Stash may be over my need to cut spending (save money) has not ended and so I was asking myself what was really 'worth it' in terms of items I purchase for stitching. Obviously needles and DMC is a given. But magazine subscriptions I had to actually think about. Hence the following analysis.

The Cost Analysis
So I asked myself to think about how many patterns I like or may conceivably stitch at any time in the future in each magazine. I came to the conclusion that is 3 patterns per month at most. More an average of about 1.5 patterns per magazine. At the Canadian dollar cost of a digital subscription of $35.99 for 14 issues it is costing me ~$2.50 a magazine. Sounds really cheap!
Until I get an issue (like this latest one, cover shown above) where I am not excited about any of the patterns. A disappointing July Ornament Preview edition to be sure.

The Quality Analysis
Just Cross Stitch is easily a high-end stitching magazine (in my mind). Patterns are well put together, easy to read and meet the usual standard that most designers use. They have top designers contribute (esp. to ornament issues) and find a way to cross many genres of stitching in a single issue. Plus I've found out about new designers, interesting backstories, sampler stories (some of my favourite to read!), etc. So for me it's easy to say that even if I don't like or stitch any of the patterns that I still get benefit. Gosh, sometimes even the ads are showing new designs I've missed being released or are previews of upcoming releases (HELLO Mill Hill Chalkboard kits that just got released!).

Overall Outcome
It's worth it. I can't deny that I love getting the new issue and even if I only get an hours worth of reading out of it it's still really fun to get random patterns I don't pick out and even better when those patterns are ones I like (or love; like that time Once Upon a Tree by Jeannette Douglass was in JCS). Even though I think this month's issue (cover above) is weaker than usual I still got my one hour of reading out of it and it's still worth $2.50.

Are individual magazines ever worth it? 
If you really can't bring yourself to subscribe to a magazine (digital or not) I have one large suggestion... get the main Christmas ornament issue and the Halloween 'bonus' (not included in subscription) magazine (this years Halloween preview to the left). For $9.99 US (about $17.99 CDN) you get all those awesome patterns! And there's usually at least one larger design that I like and want to stitch which makes the entire cost worth it (as I'd pay more than $9.99US for only one pattern).

I adored reading and discussing with everyone your comments on last posts subject of hand-stitching. This time I'd really love to know if you subscribe to any magazines? And if yes, which ones and why? Digital or hard-copy? 

Thanks for dropping by to visit! Happy Stitching! :) 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Handstitching - WIP

An update on a project you just saw a couple weeks ago seemed boring. So while the photos are the latest progress, I'm  going to use them as a basis for talking about handstitching, a technique in which you hold the fabric in hand with no supports. 

Some projects require scroll rods or q-snaps due to length of project, specialty stitches, etc. The advantage of scroll rods are that tension remains the same and there are no creases like when using a hoop. 

Other projects allow more flexibilit. Medieval Hearts by Kelsyns is one of those, in my opinion. While the piece is all cross stitch, it is done in silk and treasure braid (metallic thread) and on a linen 32ct. Many would argue that means you should use scroll rods. 
I'd agree except that there is nothing like having a gorgeous soft linen in hand with silk threads. So I have been stitching my version in hand. 
The main draw backs to handstitching are: 
- creases in linen 
- uneven tension 
- easier to damage stitched stitches 
For me (I stitch like a lefty) but needle in my right hand, so working right to left to ensure I'm not damaging stitches is okay when I'm stitching each x on its own (which I am due to variegated silk thread). 

So with all those drawbacks why stitch in hand? 
Because I just love to. There is something about working on smaller pieces in hand that I find personally satisfying. Maybe because as a child I learned to stitch in hand; maybe because I love the softness of a gorgeous linen. But then maybe also because it feels more like the women of 1800-1900's would have stitched. We know the higher class ladies used hoops but the average peasant would not have had such luxuries. Odd as it may be I like the challenge of handstitching and it just feels more genuine (if you will). 

Not to say that we should always hand stitch. Definitely not! But I do tend to have pieces that I plan for hand stitching from the start. There's a challenge to it and a connection that I adore. 

If you've never hand stitched before I recommend starting with an ornament sized piece on Aida with DMC. Learn if you like it first with the basics. Remember for truly perfect stitching you can't beat scroll rods. But not everything has to be perfect! 
I'd love to hear in comments if you like to hand stitch?