Friday, October 17, 2014

Exciting News! - As Featured in Cross Stitch Collection

I have exciting news today for everyone. I mentioned it briefly in early Summer but it's officially been published and completed!

This blog, Epic Stitching, and myself (Mel) have been featured in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection (CSC) that hits news stands today! Some of you may have received it this week via subscription services with CSC.
CSC approached me back in June and asked me if I'd like to be featured and I could not have been more excited or flattered!!!

If you're visiting me for the first time because of Cross Stitch Collection I just want to say thank you for your interest!!! Have a peek at the previous posts for past stitching, current WIPs and my recent finish. 

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and enjoy the wonderful patterns and articles in CSC; including their feature about me, my stitching and this blog.
Let me also say that; without all of my followers, stitchers, cheerleaders and visitors this blog would be nothing. This is really a display of your support to myself and this blog. Thank you to all of you!!! 

I was lucky enough to be sent a preview copy of the article so you get a sense for how big this exposure is and the weight they gave to me (it's a double page spread!). Check it out!

Error: There is an embarrassing error you might have caught in the article. It is 100% my fault and not the fault of CSC. I mention "In Memory of" piece that I'm sure many of my long time followers may remember. It was made in Memory of Rene, not Meari as the article indicates. Those familiar with the blogging community likely know that Meari is alive and well and an amazing blogger herself! My apologies for this extreme oversight on my part... I by no means meant to insult Rene's memory or Meari's current contribution to the community.

Upcoming: I've almost got a Dragon head!!! The second last page of Dragons is slowly progressing. I will share it ASAP when the second Dragons head is filled in as that is the "important" part of the page. I'm halfway through it so won't be long now (I hope!).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Counting Bats Finished (Finally!!)

Happy dance!!
The unusually stiff fabric and over one on 32ct drama is finally over!
For some unknown reason I did not really enjoy this piece. Even though I love Halloween and Just Nan. Even though I had the gorgeous silk pack to stitch with and perfect purple fabric.
It just wasn't the joy I expected. So some 3-4 years after starting it I finally have finished it!

Here it is:

Just Nan "Counting Bats"
32ct Purple Weeks Dye Works fabric
Designs 2 threads over 2
Letters & numbers 1 thread over 1
Silk pack of Au Soie from Just Nan used; charms and beads as in pack

Thanks to everyone for their cheering and push for me to finish this piece. I'm quite pleased with how it looks but mostly just happy it's finally done and off the WIP list.

Off to put some stitches into Dragons!! And just ordered a couple gift pieces that you will see soon. One is a baby piece; two are Xmas gifts. Should be fun and quick stitches (or so I hope, otherwise I'm in trouble, lol)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash September & Metamorphosis Pics

Well I didn't make it at zero this month. This Stitch From Stash no spending or minimum spending is really tough! I think I should have called the group Stop from Spending (lol).
However because of the evil place called eBay I ended up with some amazing deals and alas, did spend money (and too much!):
$16.50 - 10 x Fantasy charts (6 of which I love, and a few that will be future giveaways likely)
$5.99 - Lavender Sampler (eBay purchase)
$40.00 - Eve Gingher Scissors (these were a preorder that finally came in)
$12.40 - 4 x Vintage charts (ebay of course)
= $74.89

So where does that put me... it means I need to use my skip month. :( 
I really didn't want to... and wish I'd spent more for it (LOL) but if I don't then I blow the entire years worth of budget that is left... I gotta go another zero month or at least inside $20 so that I can make it to years end... So tough esp. at this time of year with all the new items I want! 

Though... my husband did indicate that one more bonus would be in order this year... I don't pick them or how much they are he does. So maybe ladies we can count on that? I hope anyways. 

In better news. 
I had an amazingly productive stitchy weekend. 
Evalina and I did something we haven't done in a long time, and I'm so glad we did it, which is to have a virtual stitchy weekend where we email each other quick pics and updates. It was fantastic. I got the middle motif of 7 done (4 of 7 complete) on Metamorphosis. 
It now looks like (click to see larger pics): 

I also made some serious headway on Counting Bats. I'm hoping the next pic I show is a finish! Or at least a finish minus beads and charms!! 
And I did put some stitches in Dragons. The head is coming along on my 2nd dragon. I need to focus on it a little more. Once Counting Bats is suddenly dead and gone (I mean I will really push on Dragons and use Metamorphosis for "break" times. 
We're also coming into the busiest time of year for my Etsy store with holiday season so I may get bogged down there. But with only 4 day weeks until Xmas at the office (woohoo extra vacation and flex days that need to be used) I am hoping I can stay ahead of it. *fingers crossed* 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy stitching! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Counting Bats - WIP Photos

Remember that project I pulled out back at the beginning of the year that was a UFO... well it remained mostly a UFO the last 8 months... and then I finally told myself to just work on it and get the darn thing done!
So I've been forcing myself to work on "Counting Bats" from Just Nan. I couldn't figure out why I hated this project so much, give it's on a great purple dyed fabric, with silks and a Just Nan. But I think I've finally figured it out. There are two reasons:
1) I really hate the Weeks Dye Works fabric it's on. the color is perfect! BUT... it's really course, not soft at all and a bit uneven in the weave. so it's a real pain to work on!
2) Backstitching... ugh there is a lot of extra detail on this Just Nan, and it's mostly the spiders I hate (I think).

So not my fave piece, but that's okay. Once it's done then I won't feel bad that it cost me more than $100 to kit it up b/c of the silks.

So here she be to date, I've very close (working from bottom to top as per my usual backwards way). There is a header above #1 with a lovely moon and bats (I'm looking forward to that part) and some more 1 over 1 lettering that says "Counting Bats".

There are still beads and some embellishments to put on once I have the top layer done as well. 
Again I'll just be happy to say I finished this one just to get it out of the WIP/UFO bag and justify the amount spent so many years ago. 

In other news: Been fairly sick (again!). Got some sort of flu bug or food poisoning. On day 3 since got really sick and already mostly bounced back so at least it was quick (though nasty). I think I need to look at using my immune essential oils again as since I stopped using them a few months back (no real reason just stopped...) I've been a lot more sick. So back to the nightly regime I go. Damn compromised immune systems due to other health concerns. 

I just got the new Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue (digitally) and printed off a bunch of great new ornament patterns for Christmas. As usual I'll likely only get one or two done but it's something I suppose. Look for those in the near future as starts. 
Dragons has not progressed at all! (I know bad). I've having a hard time motivating myself to start the second last page as it has the Dragon head in the corner I start from and it's all scales, which means confetti nightmare (again). But I am going to start on it before the end of the month (my goal) and hopefully that will get it rolling along.

Hope you're all doing well and Happy Stitching! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash August - Metamorphosis Stitching

It's already starting to get cold here again. Summer always seems so short (maybe because we get maybe 8 weeks of it in Calgary, lol!). This morning we had a frost warning and I could see my breath on the way to the day job. 

So alas it has come time to check-in for August with Stitch From Stash. 
I know many of you won't believe it, and with Market releases this month, I did it! I didn't spend a single dime on stitching stuff!!!! I'm pretty proud of myself. But am also concerned that I will be aching to spend tons of money next month. But again it is looking very lean at my house, as expected earlier this year. Therefore I will have to be very good likely through September as well. My kind husband is trying very hard to be supportive and not make it seem like we are scrimping every penny but when it's true, it's true. 
However, the promised raise from a couple months ago at the office should be coming up (we pray) this month. Assuming HR removes the pay freeze as promised in early September. Often times it really sucks to be working for a gov't body and their stupid freeze everything to make politicians look good. However I'll stop my complaining as we are managing and move onto more exciting things! 

So no new purchases to share b/c of zero dollars spent. 
But the start of Metamorphosis I do have. I'm on the third motif now and am sooo excited to see it come together fairly quickly. And it was definitely a good way to help with the aching of spending to have a new start. However, it does mean I haven't started second last page of Dragons. But that will come next week I think. 
I did discover that this is a 36ct linen as per the pattern and the colors I'm using are the exact same as well. So it's almost like a model version of this lovely Ink Circles pattern: 

Thanks to everyone for their comments, emails and support in not spending. I really do have hundreds of patterns and dozens of items ready to stitch (kitted up). And besides stuff is not happiness. Though many days I have to convince myself of that! (lol)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dragons Page FINISH! - 2 to go!

It would seem my little trick worked; start a new piece and then give me motivation to finish a Dragons page if I switch off. :)

So I'm pleased to say I have another page finish!! Only 2 to go!!
Here is the latest. Please forgive the angles and the bottom is slightly folded over. I was eager to keep going and didn't wait for my man to come home and take good photos.
Top Section:

Entire piece, minus a small fold over at bottom:

It seems very surreal to me to be on the second last page in some ways; and in others I feel like I have been doing this project forever. Though after almost 7 years it has been a long time. In fact I started this piece when my lovely man was just entering back into my life. And seeing as how I can barely remember life without him and we are approaching 6 years of living together I suppose it's like a lifetime in my mind.

As always thank you so much for your continuing support and questions about Dragons. It keeps me from getting too distracted by other pretty things! :)

No stitching purchases so far this past week! Sadly that is an accomplishment! Lol.
However I feel like I'm saving again and "stitching from stash" which is encouraging!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Start - Metamorphisis

So as many of you know I've been struggling with Stitch From Stash. And I have a bit of an idea as to why...
I haven't really stitched anything new! Instead I've just tried to stop buying as much stuff which is not rewarding.
So I decided regardless of how many projects and goals I have right now I'm going to start something new. Guilt free (or so I'm trying to tell myself)
I have picked a project that's not a "small" but likely to be a quick project and one I am stitching and had kitted up just because I love the design and the colors. No reason to do it except that I want to.

So here is the kitted up project from my stash. I didn't have to buy or reorganize anything; this project was ready to in my stash.

It's called "Metamorphosis" by Ink Circles (yep a Mel fave designer). I am using the exact Gentle Arts colors called for. The linen is a bit lighter and different. I can't remember exactly the brand it is but it's a 32-count linen.

I'm hoping this start helps curtail some spending. And maybe I can make "mini deals" with myself to stitch Dragons so much and then work on this as a reward.
Worth trying I figure!

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