Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back with... LNS Trip and Progress Updates

Well... I had my five days off. They were fun-filled and very busy. Between Canada Day celebrations, a football game, a wedding, a family BBQ, a hike up a mountain and a trip to my LNS it seems like my five days off were more like five days of insantiy!
But they were good and fun so that is alright.
I am catching up on emails and blogs so bare with me.

But I do have some updates for you all...
I had a trip to my LNS with my MIL and BF. My MIL had not been there before and was so overwhelmed. It was great to see her be so excited about cross stitching! She does stitch and I was happy to get a chance to take her there.
And of course while we were there how could I resist but add to that stash! :)
Here is what I picked up:

The next three pirate patterns from Sue Hillis designs and material (28ct Summer Khaki Cashel Linen). One of these is courtesy Lory on my ILCS Yahoo Group! So thank you to Lory!! She also sent me Tools of the Trade that I will pick up supplies next time for.

We did a big amazon order a week ago and got lucky that the items came in on Friday. This book was in the order... so I got it from amazon. It's so pretty! And then some material to go with some of the projects that I tried to photograph as well for you to see.

I love this green so much! And am so happy I picked some up and found a great Halloween pattern or two to do on it. I believe it is a 28ct Linen.

And these two on this lovely hand-dyed, fittingly called Dragon's Mist, it's a 30ct Linen I think.

So that was the trip... and onto some updates of stitching. I have touched all of my projects in the sidebar in the last week. I have updated pictures for two of them that I am concentrating on right now.
The duck...

And the ornament for my ILCS exchange. That I need to get done, finished and in the hands of the moderator by July 22. Gotta get moving on it! :)

Coming up: Well I will be around for about three weeks now and should get some good stitching done I hope (before my next set of holidays). I will have updates on Judgement Dragons and my Papillion SAL next time. I know.. the SAL is late coming up with part 4 which is ok because I'm not even halfway done part 3. I might actually catch up because of it!

Thank you so much for your patience with my being away and as always thank you for your lovely comments! I love all of them!


Rene la Frog said...

Do I see a pirate theme here LOL I want to do a couple of those too and have to get them on my wish list.

The ducky is looking really good and so is the ornament of the exchange.

Glad you have such a fun 5 days and a great trip to the LNS.

Meari said...

Nice stash acquisitions! Welcome back :)

tkdquintmom said...

PIRATE patterns!!!! I love all the stash but the pirate patterns are my favorite of course!!! lol Part of me is glad that a few of my LNS' are at least an hour drive! LOL

ange said...

YAY for stash!!! i'm going to have to give in one day & buy the pirate patterns!

Silverlotus said...

I think we share some of the same taste. I've got the pirate Santa to do up for my mom on a lovely Silkweaver Solo. And I am just itching to start several things from the Joan Elliot book too, like that mirror. (The supplies are ready, I just need the time!)

I can't wait to see your progress.

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a great time. I love your pirate patterns! And all that lovely stash! Nice progress on Duck, too.

Wendy said...

Oooh I love your new stash!!

the duck is really cute!!

Kelly said...

Love the pirate one and omg, love that book! Thats one I will have to look for. The dragon on the front is so stunning!
Hugs, Kelly

htimcj said...

Great stash!

TammyK said...

Looks like you got some great new stash. Made some good progress on your wip's too :o)

Nancy said...

Sounds like some fun days! The material you have picked out for the patterns look yummy already! The green it great! I just some bright yellow and never thought about a halloween pattern for it! Duckie is looking very ducklike! LOL

Brigitte said...

Your stitching plans sound and look good. Enjoy!