Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dragons and Snowmen (WIP updates)

Wow, this must be a record, two posts in less then 24 hours. ;)

So we got some pictures last night of dragons and my snowman ornament.
Let's start with Judgement Dragons. This is the last page of this row that I am working on. I can't wait to have a whole row done so I've been working on this a lot!
Here is the full piece:

And here is the part I am working on in a bit more detail (forgive the mild blurriness):

I have also been working on my snowman Button Up ornament.
Here is his progress so far. (And I love the silks so much, great to work with!):

I am leaving my PIF (in the post below) open until the end of the week. So if you want to participate and receive a PIF for me and then post your own, please comment on the post below and I will add you to the draw.

Coming up for me, I need to work on the ducky (I have been avoiding him), more dragons, more snowman, maybe some Papillion SAL.
But tonight we have concert tickets to Slipknot (Yep, even girls that stitch can like heavy metal). ;) So not stitching. But will be back at it tomorrow.
I am also looking at changing my layout on here... so watch for new colours/backgrounds etc. hopefully soon.
Thanks again for visiting and commenting! :)


Meari said...

Both look good, Mel. The snowman looks like he'll be adorable!

Justflo said...

HI Mel. Your dragons are doing really well. Just popped in from I've started so I'll finish/ Glad I did. I'm doing the Papillon SAL as well. Like your snowman. Please call in to my blog (it's quite new as I'm still learning) you're more than welcome.

My Blog is

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - great stitching!

Deb said...

Both look great, but Judgement Dragons is incredible.

Katrien said...

Both look great

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Good Progress there on both. I can't wait til I see more progress on both. They are going to be beautiful when you get them done. Your Snowman is so cute so far. I am anxious to see more progress on your little cute snowman.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

Nancy M said...

Dragons looks great, I know it's exciting to finally get all the way across! Your snowman looks cute. You know I love the Castle updates.....so get working! LOL

5 Foot Runt said...

I LOVE SNOWMEN AND CAIT WAIT TO SEE THIS FINISHED, LOL!!! That row will be up and done before you know it.

Louanne said...

Your work is gorgeous, I especially love the dragons!

hungeryjack said...
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