Friday, December 31, 2010

Did I make it?

Well... I've been dreading posting how badly I did on my goals from the beginning of last year. But hey things get in the way.
It's been quite the tumultuous year. Between my emergency operation and multiple hospital visits, to my Grandfather passing away, to having to put down one snake and getting a new one. It has been a learning and growing year for me and for my B/F. It will be two years in February that we moved into our place "officially" together. And while we've had a challenging year I can't imagine having done any of it without him. I am so thankful to have such a compassionate and considerate man to share my life with.
Okay... enough of the sappy stuff right. ;)
Onto how badly I did at my stitching goals this past year.

- Judgement Dragons - 4 pages (at least) 4 pages complete DONE!
- Romantic Rose Garden Chatelaine - finish (9 pages of cross stitch) 1 page completed
- Soul Mates - all half pages & 3 regular sized pages - 1 half page complete
- Elfland HAED SAL SK - Finish it (2 pages) 1 page completed
- Castles in the Air SAL - at least 6 parts Part 4 complete
- Ornaments - 2 or 3 (yet to be picked out) #1 Smoke - Complete, #2 Fa la la - Complete, Autumn Ornament - Complete DONE!
- Pirate - Sue Hillis Argh Pirate finish
- Cheryls Bouquet - finish DONE!

Added on Projects for the year:
- Hummingbird bell pull Complete

Yes pathetic I know.
So... for next year, I will have less goals and ones that I know I can achieve, and then everything else on top of that is just icing on the cake.
So here they are:
- Judgement Dragons - 4 pages (at least)
- Wedding piece -finish (wedding is in July so there is no choice)
- 3 small Stockings - these are for my Mom and two siblings. They are to pick out their patterns shortly and I'll share with you in the next little bit what is happening with this, the stitching part is just ornament sized.

That's it! I know I can do these. :)
A few new starts for this year will include:
- HAED QS SAL, I chose Faerie Bride. Got the first page the other day just have to get some more supplies and start it.
- Wedding piece, I started this one but one of the colours is an issue, so need to get to the LNS and pick another one, I will share that one soon as well. (It's barely been started as I knew right away I had a colour issue)
- Canvaswork Carolyn Mitchell piece, yes you read that right. I'm gonna learn canvas! My guild is doing a class for it that starts in mid-January. I still have to get to my LNS and get my supplies (see a theme here, I really need a trip to the LNS, but it snowed this week and the roads were too bad to get on the highway to get here, gotta get there next weekend).

And there will be other projects I'm sure.
In the meantime... I will be stitching Dragons most of this weekend, maybe some work on Rose as well. I have almost a half page finish on Dragons, as I have been off all this week. (I could have had more but a video game I got for Christmas was too addictive, lol).

Hope you all have a lovely New Years and see you all in 2011 for more stitchy fun!


angel parker said...

I think that it is good to have reasonable goals, then if you achieve them, you can make new goals. good luck, Angel

Denise said...

You might be disappointed in your progress -- but tell you what -- I'm impressed. Those projects are not small ones. And you made PROGRESS! Ok, so you didn't finish -- but you made progress!

Hope you New Year finds you happy and healthy~

EvalinaMaria said...

Oh, Mel - you did fantastic!!! Life wasn't easy for you this year. You know: the surgery, the funeral - to name a few...

I also know that the New Year will be the best ever!!!! Let you imagination fly and plan to do a lot of stitching!!!! Happy New Year dear friend!

Lisa said...

At least you completed some of your goals & made progress on the others. I look forward to seeing your stitching acheivement in the coming year. Happy 2011

Carol's Stitching said...

Sounds like 2011 is going to be a busy year for you with the wedding and the stitching! Good luck on all your goals and wishing you and the future husband to be a wonderful New Year!

Bekca said...

Any progress is good progress and I think you've acheived a huge amount! Keep up the great stitching in 2011 and I look forward to reading about your journey.

Meari said...

Even though you didn't meet all your stitching goals, you made progress and that's what counts :)

Happy New Year, Mel!

Jan said...

Very impressive, although we are our own worst critics, no matter what we do! Maybe you will please yourself more with 2011 stitching, here is wishing you the best of all stitching wishes!!

Katrien said...

You didn't do bad at those goals at all! I didn't get almost anything done, I finished Egypt - Winnie the Pooh Calender and Hummingbird, and then some small pieces, that's all.
You tackled really big projects, and with al that happened, you accomplished A LOT!
Happy New Year :)