Friday, March 18, 2011

Finish, WIP, Gift & Updates

I have one of everything to share today, a finish, a WIP pic and a gift I got! Plus I'll fill in some details on why I've been away. So let's get to it!

First up a WIP of HAED Faerie Bride. Still moving soooo slowly. A snail would be faster! But what can you do, here she is so far:

Up next, a gift from Meari! She sent this a birthday gift, it's a bit belated, but hey that's just fine. Gifts are awesome no matter what! I adore this fabric and the colours are all so me. And of course more Halloween! You can never have enough Halloween. Here's the lovely package she sent me:

Last pic of the day is a finish!!!!  This is a Mill Hill pattern that Evalina lovingly sent me at Christmas time. I have sooo enjoyed working on it and plan to do many more on perforated paper. I will still cut it out and make it into an ornament but here he is in all his glory with all the stitching and beading done:

And an update... my apologies for being not around so much lately. I have fallen ill with kidney stones. But they are not even the worst of my problems. As many of you will remember last year I had surgery, I have been plagued with many health problems since then, they started getting bad again after Christmas, but I had been hoping they would "go away". They are not just going away. :(   So I have started more aggressive drug control to try and get myself out of pain. Including a drug that is making me kinda foggy and shaky. I tried to stitch last night and was having some real problems concentrating. We believe I just have to get used to it and are hopeful that I will adjust as the drug has really helped my pain control. I'm not 100% pain free but it's soooo much better.
So forgive me if I am a bit "off" as it's the drugs talking. lol.
I will try and update more often, and yes I need to put a giveaway together. It's just been crazy with doctors, tests and some time at urgent care. But I think we're on a better path now, even though it's a medicated one. I've tried for the last year to do other things instead and it's just not helping, so western medicine wins this round.

Thank you all for your well wishes on my last post. And thanks for sticking around!!! Really appreciate all the comment. 


Meari said...

Glad the gift got there finally, and that you like it. :)

Congrats on the MH finish. He's sooo cute!

Your HAED is coming along.

Good to hear you're feeling a little better.

Emily in NC said...

Great finish, love the MH kits. Nice gift as well, have fun when you get to stitching it up.

grannystitches said...

Hello glad the pain medicine is starting to help it takes time the foggy symptoms will pass trust me! Your pieces are fantastic! Keep stitching and stay strong! God Bless! Kim C aka GrannyStitches

Shelley said...

Love your Mill Hill finish!

I feel for you, searching for medical answers, feeling like a guinea pig...I hope you find what works for you and get the relief you need with out the side effects.

Don't worry about a silly giveaway...your health is way more important.

Karen said...

Cute finish! I hope you adjust quickly to your new medicine and that it helps. Feel better!

Denise said...

Your stitching is coming along and the pirate is adorable!

So sorry to hear of the health issues. Please get well soon!

Bernice said...

glad to hear you are feeling better, your finish is so cute

Anonymous said...

Your WIP us looking very nice and a cute finish. Glad to hear the meds are helping with the pain, just take care of yourself.


Blu said...

The MH finish looks adorable!
And as for Faerie Bride, any progress is good progress!

Glad to hear the meds are helping. Hope you get back to full strength soon!

Nancy M said...

Cute MH finish! And a great late birthday present. Any progress on a HAED is progress no matter how you look at it. Hope you are feeling better and getting the meds under control!

Carolyn NC said...

Great finish and stitching! Nice bd gift, too! Hipe you're feeling soon.

Marjorie said...

Hope you're feeling better! I love Meari's gift and your finish too.

Pumpkin said...

Your Santa is adorable Mel! Congrats on the finish :o)

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well :o( I hear you, it's not fun. Hugs!

Bekca said...

You take as much time as you need Mel to feel 100% better, there's no rush to get back to blogging, we'll still be here when you get back :)
Fabulous finish on the Mill Hill design, it was you who first introduced me to them and now I've got a couple more in my stash! Take care and best wishes.

EvalinaMaria said...

Crossing my toes and wishing you good health. Congrats on the lovely gift, finish and WIP. What about your dragons?

chrisstitches said...

Wonderful progress on the haed!
Love the Halloween stuff & Christmas finish. sorry to hear about the health problems.
When my concentration is poor, I do embroidery which I'm doing now.
Take care & blessings on the road to recovery.

Carol's Stitching said...

Your stitchy stuff from Meari looked like the perfect pick-me-up and your stitching projects look wonderful! Hope you feel better soon.

Katrien said...

congrats on your finish.
Don't worry about the slow stitching, it's still faster than me (my stitching-muse seems to have left again).

Justflo said...

Lovely stitching. I like the Mill Hill pieces.
Really hope your meds start working well for you soon.

Take care.

Shelleen said...

Love the MH finish, HAED looks good so far and I hope you feel better soon.

Stitchnpat said...

Mel so sorry to hear about your kidney stones...My daughter is having trouble with them too. She said she has them on both sides.She too is having so much pain. Your on my prayer list along with daughter,Beautiful works on your pages too some great finishes. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on here.