Monday, January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse #1! (January Cottage)

It's full moon day which means it's WIPocalypse time. I just love this idea it's adorable that Measi came up with. (want more info click the graphic in my sidebar for the details).

This weekend and for most of the past two weeks I've been working on my January Cottage. So it's what I will share today with you. I've not done the snowflakes yet as I'm waiting for some Kreinik's to come in to pick from. And the black french knots are not done as I am using scroll rods so don't want to get them squished.
Other than that.... lol... it's done!

I got a bunch done on Dragons yesterday as well. I'm going to keep him going all week to see how close to a page finish I can be. I'm at just past 1/2 way on the page right now. (this will be a complete row so I can't wait to get it done).

Anyone interested in my WIPocalypse goals check out my 2012 goals in my sidebar. There they be. Plus the 100 charts I want to stitch that I already own at home. I really do hope the world doesn't end this year, so much stitching still to do. LOL!!!

It was a busy weekend for the most part so I haven't gotten my stitching closet reorganized or the new storage bought, but it will happen soon, and then the promised giveaways!

Though... I did notice I had 284 followers today! Wow! you all continue to flatter me so much! So here's the deal there will be lots of giveaways this year as I decrease older or gifted stash, but how about we do a PIRATE GIVEAWAY!
Just gotta hit 300 followers and I will have at least one Sue Hillis pirate pattern to give away, plus some goodies. (those that are not familiar with the pirates they were popular a few years back, I have almost all of them, sad but true).
Let's get that follower number up! :)


Nancy M said...

January looks good, even without the snow yet! I have my Feb 1/2 done now. I am going to totaling redo my stitching room and I already have a drawer full of stuff I don't want and I'm sure that will get bigger once the cleaning starts!! Not sure I want more followers though. I always feel obligated to comment on everyone's posts and that can get really time consuming!!!

Meari said...

Your cottage looks really cute, Mel. Good luck with the stash organization. I need to do that, too.

Pumpkin said...

That looks great Mel! Almost done so you must be happy :o)

Denise SA said...

Well done Mel I like your idea of adding kreinik to the snowflakes. I have stitched mine using recommended fabric and threads but I am not happy with the snowflakes

Anne Sans Tete said...

Looks fantastic! I really like the colors in this one!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Jo said...

love January Mel, the colours look great together. I use a lot of the silver blending thread for snow and raindrops, it looks so effective, Can't wait to see it done.

Shelleen said...

Love the cottage. Can't wait to see it finished.

Kelly Smith said...

January Cottage is really pretty!

Marjorie said...

January Cottage is looking good! I have this one too but haven't started yet. The colors seem very bright, contrary to my usual taste, but I do love stitching little houses.

Anonymous said...

Cute cottage. Good luck with all your goals!

Happy stitching

Patches said...

Love the cottage