Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xmas Ornaments x2 Complete - more SFS2014

10 days to holiday time! I can't even believe it. And not all my shopping is done, sad but true. However we are very close to complete so it's not a disaster. :)

First I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone that has joined up (22 so far!) and commented for Stitch From Stash 2014. I will be making a tab on this blog for the info, and have sent out confirmation emails to everyone signed up so far. If you have not gotten an email from me about Stitch From Stash 2014 please email me at to join.
There are some new fun 'guidelines' coming that will only add to the fun (and give you more flexibility). If you wanna know more check out the post right below this one, or if it's Tuesday morning the new tab should be showing up!
I will have a button with a little logo/design coming in the next week so watch out for that. Thanks to everyone for their excitement and support on the project. I can't wait for us to start it and see all the WIP, UFO's and stashed up items that will appear on everyone's blogs!

Now to the part people really want to see. Some finishes!
I should have taken photos of these beautiful Victoria Sampler ornaments before finishing... they maybe looked nicer then. As many of you know I'm an awful finisher and it's not my favourite thing to do; but I wanted to make ornaments for my two remaining grandparents, both the ladies of their families. So my Nana (Dad's Mom) in Ontario will be receiving the squirrel; and my Grandma (Mom's Mom) in BC will be receiving the fawn/deer. Hopefully they will look past my bad finishing and enjoy the ornaments none-the-less. These were made from my stash (threads and fabric chosen based on what I had around, not necessarily following the pattern), and both patterns are from Just Cross Stitch ornament issues over the last couple years; by Cathy Jean at Victoria Sampler.

I've got one more ornament to go for the season and then going to focus on December cottage (which is started) and the latest page of Dragons. That's the plan until December!
Thanks for stopping by and again thank you for your excitement over Stitch for Stash 2014. Sign-ups don't close until Jan 2, 2014 so anyone else who wants to join can. More info and button graphics coming this week! :)


Justine said...

I love your ornaments! I think the finishing looks great and I'm sure they will be appreciated where they are going!

Angela P said...

I am sure that both ornaments will be loved by your Grandparents :)

Sara said...

I'm not an expert finisher by any means but I think your ornaments look great and I'm sure your grandmothers will treasure them.

Anonymous said...

Both ornaments are adorable. You did a wonderful stitching job.

Okay...I'm joining in...I will send you an email shortly..


Zeb said...

The ornaments are lovely :)

I am going to be following the ethos of Stitch from Stash, but I can't join because there are too many Just Nan charts being released next year that I MUST get! XD

Anonymous said...

I love the ornaments, especially the little squirel! :) I'm a terrible finisher too, but my handiwork always seems to be appreciated.

Lija Broka said...

Very cute ornaments! I need to make a few myself.

Bekca said...

Your ornaments look great! I'm sure they will be very much appreciated :)
Best wishes.

Sally said...

Your ornaments looks lovely. I am sure they will be loved and enjoyed :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful ornaments!