Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Stitch From Stash - Results

Well the splurge weekend in February probably saved me from going over budget. I just got my market purchases in the mail this past week and cannot wait to start Turrets!! I've not been dying to stitch a piece in a long time like this. I know it's because of the personal connection both DH and myself feel we have to it. However I've decided to finish up my Halloween Just Nan UFO first.

Now why don't I have any stitching pictures? 
Well that is because February as the largest sales month of all time for my little Etsy store. And I've been sooo busy making a ton of bracelets. This first week of March has proven to be no slower. But I've confident I'll stitch soon. I am starting to miss it! (which is just sad, lol).

In the meantime though I've been waiting a long time to release a really beautiful necklace and pendant combination. I have 15 of these handmade glass pendants, and can make the choker without the pendant of course. So in the spirit of having a photo here she be. :)

What did I actually spend in Feb?
Well since I used all of my $100 exemption from market weekend I had $0.74 of overage. I didn't buy anything else! I keep loosing on ebay auctions, lol. It's kind of on purpose.

There will be no exemptions or special event in March to help me though, and I find March to be the worst, saddest, most frustrating month of the year. So I feel like this is really the moment of "challenge on".
Hope you are all hanging on out there and know that I too struggle constantly.
Keep stitching (because I don't have time, lol)!


Lonneke said...

Finally! Someone who also thinks March is horrible! Worst month of the year.

Your necklace with pendant is just beautiful. So nice that your shop is going well.
Looking forward to Turrets. :)

Von said...

Congrats on your Etsy sales!!

Sally said...

I've been feeling like a little treat this month as not been feeling too well and things are just getting on top of me. However I know if I can make it through the next few weeks without being naughty I'll be OK! Has the newsletter gone out yet for the Feb SFS?. I know you've been really busy but just wanted to check in case it was lost in cyberspace!

Leonore Winterer said...

Good to read your shop is going well, although 'boo' for it stopping you from stitching. For me March won't be too bad I guess, if all else fails it's also my birthday and some stash-usable money presents are to be expected ^_^

Sara said...

Can't wait to see your start on Turretts and Town, I've had my eye on that one too.