Monday, March 30, 2015

March SFS2015-A Report + Caterpillar Finish

Please see March SFS2015-A reporting sign-up below this post!

Alright... I'm not sure how to admit this other than to say I had a once in a lifetime opportunity and I took the bull by the horns.
In SFS we have a total yearly budget of $300. $25 per month.
I shamefully have to admit that I spent over the $300 and then some at Jeannette Douglass'. Sooo... I fail at my own challenge for the year. While DH was okay with it all and reminded me that occasional splurges are to be expected; I won't lie I'm still kinda disappointed. However, I also know that I got AMAZING patterns and thread packs from Jeannette that will result in 1,000+ hours of stitching.

So here's my abysmal report:
Spent: $300.00+
Finishes: 2
Finishes worth: $4.00 + $10.00 (half page of Dragons from last month I forgot about!) = $14

I'm aware I should be fired from my own group. And did let Rahenna & Darlene (my co-leads) know what I had done. They indicated they didn't want me to go away so I guess I still run the group and am an excellent example of what NOT to do. The usual philosophy to kids "do what I say, not what I do"; as inevitably we pass on bad habits.

Caterpillar Finished
I did however have a small finish. Though it's not near enough to make up for the spending, but it's something. This is a Mill Hill Kit, Caterpillar on perforated paper. Threads & beads from kit. I love the colors in him, they really pop!

In Other News:
- I finally got some stitches into last page of Dragons
- Am on last motif of Metamorphosis from Ink Circles
- Am on final stretch with baby sampler for a friend (I missed the February deadline, but she doesn't seem to mind)

Here's hoping these stitches mean I get to account for more finishing soon!
Happy Stitching!


D1-D2 said...

I don't think you should leave the group. As you said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus you've been very good so far :)

lynda said...

You may have spent some money, but you had a once in a lifetime, priceless experience, and now a whole lot of wonderful stitching to look forward to! No regrets, just enjoyment!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I don't think you should leave either! Remember, that this is all about being honest with ourselves and trying to meet our goals. Sometimes we will inevitably fail (I know that I did this month) but you have to keep going for it. Only thing is, you have to share what you bought! ;)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

But since the year is broken in two parts, you really only failed the first half of the year. And if you stitched 25+ pages of an HAED you'd be all caught up!! : ) LOL!! We will expect you to be a good example for the second half of the year, though, ok?! ; ) I totally understand the once in a lifetime thing, and I'm so glad you were able to meet Jeanette. I look forward to seeing some of your pieces!!

Esmeralda said...

Hi mel
It just shows that you are allso human :)
I am thankfull that we get the oppurtunity to make us think more about spending money on a hobby
It is a long road for some of us,including me
But thats why i take part on SFS
So i am glad that you stay and help us with this bumpy road

Joy said...

It's ok, Mel, we still love you. :)

I could totally go crazy too but what is helping me is that I don't actually have a lot of money to spend.

Malinda said...

Cute finish! I love this group. I don't think it is necessarily about the budget but about the mindfulness in spending. You bought things that you know you will love and stitch. Not just a good deal or you "kind of" like them. Thank you!

EmilyC said...

I'm certain that if any of us had a similar opportunity we would do exactly the same. As such I don't think you have let anyone down :)

Gillie said...

It wasn't just was meeting and spending time with a talented and lovely designer.....and Canadian to boot!

But......we want to see what you bought and what you decide to stitch on first......!

Jacquie Morris said...

Impulsive behaviour is absolutely fine!! And like you say it's ince in a life time splurge! Wonderful!!!
You must of had arm fills or charts!!
Ooooh and I cannot wait to see you stitch them up!!
Your catapilliar looks the multicoloured's marvelous.
Smiles :)

Fiona said...

Oh mel! Lol it sounds as though you are beating yourself up enough but honestly the point is that you had fun with Jeanette Douglass! But I agree with everyone we'll forgive you if you share pics of the budget busting stash accumulation!!

Kate said...

Don't worry; you're among friends :-) I think we all would have done the same thing in your situation. You have to take advantage of opportunities like that. You're still a great leader of SFS.

Carla Eldridge said...

I would not kick you out since I understand completely the agony of being surrounded by so many pretty things that need to be stitched!

The caterpillar is adorable!

Heather said...

I think this was a bad month all around. Not only did I spend for the first time this year but I bought all the threads as well. I didn't go over my fact I think I can make it work since I spent the money after I reported so I'm counting it for April and it's my birthday ;) I have a solution for you though. Since dragons has been in the process for 10 years, if you finish it you can erase all of the binge :D

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish.


Stitching Angel said...

Cute finish

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, $300? I knew you overspent, but I didn't think it would be that much...but I didn't take into account that you got thread packs as well as the patterns. I think we all understand that you had to do the spending with that once in a lifetime opportunity that was presented to you, and noone wants you to leave the group - I DO expect you to get some serious stitching done on at least one of your sinful purchases once the 6 months have passed though! :D

Justine said...

Life happens. As long as you enjoy stitching your new goodies it will be money well spent. I'm not in the group this year but I don't see why you should have to leave, you're an awesome SAL organiser!

Faith... said...

Cute caterpillar! I think anyone who had that opportunity would have done the exact some thing; you did good last year and you will do better next year and now you can just buy for the rest of the year with no reporting! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I agree with everyone, the experience was priceless! I do think you should have the "No Self Control" button I suggested!

Tammy said...

The caterpillar is adorable--and I'm with everyone else on the $$. I'm the opposite because I really it a good month if I buy anything hobby related, lol.

Thoeria said...

How cute is that caterpillar, Mel!
Given the opportunity I know I would probably have done the exact same thing :)

Rachel Tomkins said...

Why should you leave the group? You've been totally honest and given the same once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I think everyone would have overspent. You could always attempt to earn back $300+ in bonuses over the next two months!!! It'd be fun watching you try!! The caterpillar's great, by the way! :)

Max's Mom said...

The caterpillar is awesome! Would love to see a picture of your fabulous buying spree. You shouldn't feel bad at all. I hope you have a great weekend and find lots of time to stitch.