Saturday, September 3, 2016

I was supposed to do laundry...

While downstairs to do some laundry today; I saw a toppling over pile of stash (all bought this year) and decided I should do something about it. 
In sitting down to actually sort and organize I learned three things: 
1) I'm literally out of drawer space for charts
2) I have a lot of great stash (that lives neglected in my dark basement) 
3) ohhh I want to start all of these! Lol. 

So I sorted and made new (smaller) piles of charts. Put a few away that I could and  looked at the five projects I'd 'set aside', presumably to stitch them. 
Now, I haven't had much time to stitch lately and knew the last thing I needed was a start... But I figured I could pull colours... 
So I chose "Witches Night Out" by Brenda Gervais. 
In looking at the beautiful pattern I realized I had only two of the variegated threads needed. So it was time to play the "do I have a colour close game?" 
Here's my (no where near close) colour selections: 
I say nowhere near close because I'm changing a lot of colour elements... Hoping mine still comes out with the vintage look Brenda intended but have a bit more colour to it.

But of course now I needed fabric... You can't really tell in the photo there is a slight grey marbling to the fabric. It's called Smokey Grey in 32ct (my sticky didn't say who did it). My first thought was "oh wow this fabric is perfect, but maybe too nice for this piece!". 

Seriously?! What is wrong with me. This fabric is in my stash with no attached or planned project and it's perfect. I then thought "if I'm going to take time to stitch something then it's ALWAYS worth the best!" 

At least I came to my senses! 
Do you ever do that? Think to yourself that something (fabric, thread, etc) is too special or nice for a piece? 
Do you use it anyway? 

And that laundry I was supposed to do... Got 1 of 3 loads done in 3 hours... I'm going to call that a win.   ;) 


Brigitte said...

A nice "find", I love Brenda's witch.
I sometimes notice that I think the same way about a certain fabric or floss,but after some thoughts I just use it and it usually is a very choice.

EvalinaMaria said...

Oh sweetie, I do this all the time! And I stitch anyway because I forgot why I bought the fabric in the first place.

Beth in IL said...

Love it!!! Why do laundry?

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice looking find! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Rahenna said...

Are you me? I always do that with fabric, especially stuff that I can't get anymore like Sugar Maple Fabrics colors. *facepalm* IT'S A FABRIC. IT WANTS TO BE STITCHED ON. LET IT FULFILL ITS DESTINYYYYYYYY

*ahem* :D

Justine said...

I'm laughing along with you all - I don't like to use any of my fabric stash even though all the companies I buy from are still in business!
Great kitting up - the laundry will still be there tomorrow right?!

Katie Haskins said...

I wish I had your problem. I tend to not buy random pieces of fabric/specialty threads unless I have a specific piece that uses them. I have a whole boatload of DMC though.

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, surpse stash finds! Those are the best.
I seldomly buy fabric or thread without a specific project in mind, for exactly that reason - either I'm buying small pieces I can't use for anything decent, or I buy big one's and always end up with the 'to good for this' problem. But I guess you're right, stitching is stitching after all!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I absolutely agree, I have several pieces of fabric and special threads which are "too good to use"!

Sometimes you just have to jump right in and stitch on it.

BTW have you seen my Counting Bats Happy Dance?

Von said...

In my early stitching days I would certainly safe a piece of fabric, but now I use it! There will always be more fabric for anything else that comes along, lol! Fun post!

Vickie said...

I save fabric too...not sure why I do it..but I do!

Faith... said...

Certainly, don't know why we "save" fabric but I save it for something "better" LOL as if I may actually get to that project or find the fabric when I need it.

1 out of 3 loads is a win because it is better than no loads!

Heather said...

Cool design enjoy!

Susan said...

Love that design. And love the fabric you picked. Yes, I have had the thought that a piece of fabric is too nice to use, but I go ahead and use it anyway. I do have one skein of silk that I bought because I thought it was pretty and have no intention of doing anything but looking at it.

The Crafty Princess said...

Stash sorting over laundry any day! At least you got one done, big win!
If the fabric is perfect for the project I always use it. And the nicer it is the happier I am. So go for it!
xoxo Alicia

Meari said...

I have a lot of fabric, but I've never thought any of it was too good to stitch something on. Glad you're stitching on it! :)