Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Stitching: 1/2 pg Alice

By popular demand I am sharing the 2nd page of Alice with everyone, even thought it's only 1/2 complete. 

This page has gone a bit quicker than the last. This is likely for many reasons which I think include: getting to know which symbols are which colours, more areas that are less confetti and just getting the flow of the pattern. 
I did still catch myself twice going for the wrong colour because it was the Dragons colour for that symbol! I suppose when you work on something for 7 years it's pretty ingrained in your mind. Lol! 
I look forward to Alice's symbol and colour combinations getting to that level. 

Here is first 1/2 of page 2 (give or take a few stitches): 

In other stitching news: 
- I've got some amazing fabric on its way to me. This fabric is like nothing I've ever seen before!! Can't wait to get it and show you!
- I have received an adorable stitching book coming out in a couple months. Going to do up one of the designs and will have a giveaway for supplies you can use to also do a design. It's a very unique subject matter! That's a month or so away. 
- I've got some new needles coming to me to try out. With my metal allergy, needle eating acidic skin I struggle with replacing needles constantly. While these are not cheap if they don't deteriorate in a couple days it will be well worth it. Looking forward to telling you all how it goes! 

As summer starts to wrap up here in Calgary, and nights are noticeably darker sooner, I'm looking forward to cooler days and more indoors time (which generally means more stitching time!). I must be the only person who looks forward to Autumn and cooler days. ;) 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking Alice out!! 


Bekca said...

Hi Mel, I'm back from a very long blogging break! I've really enjoyed reading your latest posts, Alice looks fantastic already. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of fabric you get sent, that sounds very intriguing.
Have a lovely day.

Anna van Schurman said...

Wow! So many tiny stitches packed so small. I will look forward to your needle report. I also have skin that erodes needles.

Vickie said...

Intrigued by the your stitches!!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Great half-page! I'm getting to this stage of lnowing the colours per symbol on one of my projects by heart right now, but since I am working on a second project by the same designer (using the same symbols), it's a bit confusing sometimes. Thankfully, the symbols featured a lot on the one project aren't as frequently used on the other and vice versa!
I'm with you on the looking forward to cooler days part, also because cooler days will be quieter days around here as well.

Justine said...

I love how this one is coming together! You will soon be stitching her hand and her stockings (assuming you carry on across the bottom!)

I'm intrigued by your new fabric and needles...don't make us wait too long!

Cathrina Krogsgaard said...

Beautiful stitching! Looking forward to see your progress on this piece :-)