Thursday, January 11, 2018

Stitching: Alice WIP Update

Being off between Christmas and New Years, plus it being -30C or less almost everyday (with extreme windchill warnings 8in effect) was awesome! (lol) Because it meant we could hunker down, marathon some TV shows and I could stitch!! 
As such I made huge headway on page 3 of Alice. I'm very excited that she has a hand! It may not seem like much, but as I've said before, on 40+ pages of stitching you gotta celebrate the small stuff. 

So here's half of page 3 added:

The entire piece to date:

I'm feeling a lot better about this piece now that I've seen the detail of her hand come together. Sometimes hose blobs of colour/background are difficult to really see value in. I know in the end it will be amazing but motivation doesn't always show up when I need it. 

What I learned from this week of stitching while off and hibernating is that if I didn't have a job or do anything and just stitched all day long then I'd be able to finish off this piece in 1-2 years instead of 10+. Lol! 
But unless my life plan A (to win the lottery) happens tomorrow I will continue to chip away at Alice when I can. :) 

Hope your 2018 is starting off with some solid stitching! 


susan hemann said...

lovely stitching, I wouldn't have the patience if I could even see it, to begin with lol

Robin in Virginia said...

Alice is looking good, Mel. Thank you for sharing an updated picture of her. Enjoy your weekend!

deb said...

Alice's hand is incredible! Looks like great progress to me.

Can I pick your brain just a bit? Wonderful Husband gifted me with a chart at Christmas. Beautiful design - something I love, but (omg) solidly stitched. Seems most people I've seen working on HAEDs or other solid pieces grid their fabric but I see you have not done so.... Any tips to offer a first timer?

Leonore Winterer said...

Can I get in on your plan A? I think I need so hibernate for a few year too to get my stash down!
Great progress, her hand does look great.

Bekca said...

Spending everyday stitching sounds like heaven, but you're right, I would need a big lottery win first! Alice is looking lovely, I know it will be worth all the hours you're going to put into it :)

Justine said...

Wow she looks fantastic! The detail is simply incredible. 2 years or 10, she's going to be an amazing finish.