Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Stitching: FINISH & overall update

Well it has been some time! 
There are a few reasons for that: 
1) I'm soooo busy, 
2) I got a raise at the office and so am trying to make sure I work hard enough to have deserved it, 
3) I haven't stitched much.
It's sad to admit that last one but it is true. I've been reading like crazy (and because I can do that easily on the bus) and making bracelets for sales on my Etsy shop; but stitching has just been a tough one to fit in. 

However, I did get a finish. I'm super happy with this one; and while it does need more ironing I think it's pretty good. I learned some new stitches here and loved that I got to attend an in-person Jeannette Douglass course to do it!
Using Jeannette's kitted silks & fabric here is ABC: 

I have also been stitching a bit on my Notre Dame SAL that features chimeras/gargoyles from the church. Watching it burn down a few weeks ago was so very sad and has really made me appreciate even more this piece. I've just crossed the halfway point. Don't ask when it was supposed to be finished by (lol):  

 Finally I wasn't supposed to start any new SALs this year... but of course I'm breaking that rule. Lol! Tracy Horner over at Ink Circles (one of my fave designers!) is hosting a SAL so unique and combining so many things I love that there was no way I couldn't be involved. It's called M.A.P. and is an adventure/fantasy map (essentially). But what is unique is you use D&D (gaming) dice to roll and determine what goes where in your map! So each person's SAL is similar, yet totally different. It's sooo cool looking. The set of maps her demo group did are just awesome and really are quite unique. Proving that the concept works! So yes I have bought into this fun one. I still have to select my colours, fabric and the like. Plus I need to dig out my fave D&D dice... although who doesn't want an excuse to buy new dice! heehee.  

It doesn't start until June so lots of opportunity to join in still. And there's a Facebook group for the SAL. I haven't loved that in the past but lately Facebook groups for SALs seem to work for me. So I've joined up and will have everything ready for June. 
You can check out all the details from Ink Circles here: 
(note: this was not endorsed by Tracy in any way, I'm just telling you about what I'm up to and loving.) 

Sorry to those hoping for Alice. My husband keeps asking about her too. I really need to rework my current schedule and block some time for stitching. 
Hope you're all stitching a lot more than I have been! 


Leonore Winterer said...

I've been missing your stitching updates and I'm glad to see you're still at it, if slowly :) Your finish looks awesome and I do love the Guardians of Notre Dame - I almost caved and bought the pattern myself after the fire. And now you'll have to excuse me, I need to go and check out that Ink Circles SAL...

Robin in Virginia said...

Mel, it was good to see your stitching post this morning. I had been wondering what you have been up to. Your finish is gorgeous. You have made some good progress on the Notre Dame SAL. I look forward to seeing your Ink Circle SAL down the road.

Shelly said...

Wonderful finish! I'm the exact opposite, more stitching and less reading. They're both my favorite hobbies. I am making an effort to read more, during breaks at work, and going to bed earlier so I can read more than 1 paragraph before getting drowsy! Keep it up Mel!

deb said...

ABC looks wonderful - congrats on the beautiful finish! The Notre Dame SAL is such a very cool piece, and now it will be sort of a tribute.