Friday, June 5, 2009

A Night of Stitching

So I ventured for the first time to a stitching night that my LNS holds on Thursdays. I usually can't attend this night b/c my B/F has the car. But as he was at a show last night I stole the car and went to the store! It was fun to sit around and meet some new people, talk about stitching, movies and other things.
I stitched on the rubber ducky some before we played a game called Bead Table, which is essentially an elaborate version of bingo! It was very fun. (and the winner wins some beads!).
I also picked up some hand-dyed threads for my christmas ornament for the exchange on my yahoo ILCS group. Will be starting that one maybe on the weekend.

I don't have any progress pics as the b/f didn't get home until after midnight, so I was already in bed, and after my dismal failure with photos the other day I didn't want to try again.
Though I did get some stitching on judgement done the other night which is good and I will have some updates on WIP after the weekend for sure.

We are planning on having a Pixar marathon weekend (we just learned that the pizza truck makes an appearance in all their movies, so we've decided it would be fun to watch them and look for it!). We are doing this mostly because it's cold, rainy and gross here all according to the forecast for today, tomorrow and sunday. (they are even expecting snow! gross! It's June!)

Coming up: More WIP pictures, maybe a start for my christmas ornament exchange, and don't forget the draw for my giveaway, post a comment on the post below this one to enter!

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Kathy said...

Snow in June?????????? Ouch. But a marathon movie session sounds perfect. I hope you can stitch during it. :)
I too have started going to the sit and stitch at my LNS. It is fun meeting others who love stitching face to face. I hope you get to go more often.

Zeb said...

Sounds like a lovely night! Wish my lns did stuff like that :)
And snow in summer?!?! Thats weird... then again, Auckland (where I live in NZ) hasn't had frost like this in over 20 years!

Gabi said...

Snow in summer....shiver. Here it doesn't even snow in Winter and I can't say I miss snow one bit. It looks good in pictures and that's it.
Looking forward to see your pictures. :)

dianemi said...

Snow in June you say? I'm probably the only one who will post and say... YAY! Sounds like staying indoors toasty and warm and a whole lotta stitching to me. (Yes I know I should seek help!) :)

Meari said...

Glad you had a great time at the stitch-in. Hopefully, you can make it to others! :)