Monday, June 8, 2009

Papillon SAL Part 2 Complete (and a new start)

I do hope you all had a great weekend! Our was, as forecasted, cold, snowy and gross. So we did stay inside and watch Pixar movies. We found the Pizza truck that appears in each movie in all the Pixar movies except The Incredibles. So we will have to watch that one again (oh and Ratatouille because we don't have that one). So we figured that 6 for 7 was pretty good!
We also were at a concert last night, for Rise Against... so I am really tired today! But that is okay because at least it's sunny again!

I did get some exciting stitching done.
I completed the second part of the Papillon SAL. I am still behind on this one as part
4 will be released soon. But such is life I suppose. The colours in this photo are completely off as it's stitched on brown fabric. But alas that is how the photos turned out. Here is how part 2 stitched up:

I had to frog out the purple side once which was annoying but I'm quite pleased that it still looks okay even after frogging alot of stitches.

I also got the eye of the ducky in! So it is almost starting to look like something other than yellow blob. Here is a progress picture:

And I had a new start... it's from the Just Cross Stitch preview magazine by Sharon Crescent called Trimming the Tree. Stitched on 32 ct mushroom evenweave. This ornament if for an exchange on my Yahoo ILCS group. We are sending the ornaments all to one person who will then randomly send us one as stitched by someone else. Kinda neat! It has to be in the moderators hands for July 22 (I think) but I'm sure I will be able to make this deadline.
I changed the green colour from the light blue/green to Desert Mesquite from Crescent Colours, the red berries are in Cresent Colours Wild Berries and the other two are just DMC. I still have to figure out how to finish this as well but figure stitching comes first.
Here is a picture of what it will look like:

And here is my progress picture:

Coming up: My giveaway is being extended until Thursday as I just won't have time likely to draw and deal with it before then. So let anyone know that wants to be entered, or if you haven't entered yet just post a comment on the giveaway #2 post and you are entered. It's that easy!
I am hoping to get at least one good night on Judgement in this week and have a new WIP picture posted later this week. And of course continuing on my other WIP.

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching!


Kathy said...

Lovely stitching Mel. So nice to "see" Ducky's eye. LOL I love that Christmas ornament and can't wait to see your progress.

Emily said...

Really like the blues and purples in the Castle SAL, it is coming along great and the ornament is a nice start. Like the color green you changed it to, the other looked to blue to me. Oh well to each his own. Keep up the good work.

Brigitte said...

Your Papillon looks really good.
And isn't it nice to have a new start every once in a while? Love it.

Nessa G. said...

Just lovely...So wonderful everything is.

5footrunt said...

Your stitching looks great. I am really interested in seeing your ornament finished. I have the same magazine and curious about your experience with it.

Gabi said...

Lovely stitching Mel. Love the new Christmas ornament

Tammy said...

Your Papillon looks great. Love the colors on the screen but I can imagine it's really eye popping in real life. Glad your ducky can see now :o)

Rene la Frog said...

Your SAL and Duck are looking great....nice progress on both. Can't wait to see your ornie.

Carla said...

Lovely stitching!
Really like the colors you are using for the Papillion design. The ornament you chose for your exchange is lovely, I need to buy that magazine!