Friday, January 8, 2010

Stiching Time? What's that?

Wow, it's been a week. A good one and a quick one. But I have only stitched for maybe 2 hours all week! Which is sooo unusual.
So I have no photos to share. Sorry.

But I do have some good news. I have spent the last month or so working on a website for my day job. I'm a print designer but a web designer, however I have learned and it's kinda pretty. It's being approved by the bosses today, but I already know that big boss is very pleased. So I'm excited about that. :)

Also I am seeing Avatar this weekend. I am going to try the 3D and see if my vertigo can handle it. I'm gonna go in prepared to close my eyes if I get nauseous. I have been told it's a "must see" in 3D. So I'm gonna suck it up and see how it goes. *fingers crossed*

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe and warm. I know alot of you are getting pummeled by storms, hang in there it will pass!


AFwife99 said...

Hope you get more stitching time this weekend! I haven't been ablt to get as much done either. :(

Marjorie said...

Ugh, I hate 3-D, it makes me dizzy and nauseated as well. I saw the "regular" version and it was great without it!

Tammy said...

Yes, it was awesome in 3-D !! I have severe motion sickness in movies like Cloverfield (skaky cam movies), and had to walk out of that one about 3 different times. Avatar did not make me feel like that at all. I hope you can view it OK, because it really is a treat. Enjoy!

Charlene in SC said...

Congrats on the job well done! Avatar - Yes, a must see in 3D. It didn't bother me, and I too have vertigo. The only thing I can think of is that we sat further back than usual... Hope you get to enjoy the full effects!

Katrien said...

I haven't been stitching much lately either :-(
Congrats on the job.
Let us know how Avatar is in 3D, I've been holding off for now, because I'm afraid it's goign to make me sick.

EvalinaMaria said...

No 3D in the Yukon... but I heard that Avatar is awesome. Enjoy!