Monday, June 21, 2010

New Start: Hummingbirds & Cheryl's Bouquet

I have a new start to share with you all. It's a Hummingbird bellpull design from Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I think sometime last year. It's on a beautifully dyed 28ct linen (over 2), it looks like sky in the background (the pic doesn't do it all that much justice)
I am doing it up for my Grandmother (who is recently widowed) to try and brighten up the house with some items that are just her.
Here it is so far:

I also worked a bit on Cheryl's Bouquet as a part of two SAL's.
Here it is, the start of the outer motif.

In other news a friend of mine and myself are season ticket holders (new to me this year!) of the Calgary Stampeders. It's Canadian Football League. They had their first preseason game on a very sunny and hot Sunday.
Here are a few pics to share:

Every time our team scores this lady on her specially trained horse rides up and down the sidelines. It's one of my favourite things that is unique to our team!

In other news... tests went well on Friday. So far it has all come back normal, we are waiting for biopsy reports. I see my family doc on Thurs to discuss continuing meds and a plan. So far it seems that we will not get a solid diagnosis and in the meantime are just trying to find a cocktail of meds that keep me going. It's so much better than two months ago so to me it seems brilliant. ;)

Thanks for all your encouragement last week. It really helped me to get through the tests. Ohh. and my flowers are growing! I will share pics of them next time.


Jen said...

The bell pull is looking great. Do you know which issue? A nice idea as a gift for your Grandma. I have Cheryl's Bouquet in my stash. I like the colour variations.

TammyK said...

Hummingbird bellpull is a great gesture for your grandma - lovely fabric. The SAL is shaping up nicely too. Glad you're feeling better & everything has came back normal :)

Emily said...

Like that new piece you are doing for your grandmother. The fabric is really pretty.

Katrien said...

The hummingbird looks great so far, can't wait to see it completed. Cheryl's bouquet looks fantastic

Shelley said...

The bellpull is going to be beautiful. I love the fabbie!!

Cheryl's bouquet is looking great!

Karen said...

The hummingbird colours are nice and bright! I'm sure it will be beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of it.

Really glad to hear you're feeling better.

Nici said...

Looks total great. It will be wonderfull.

Bekca said...

Your new start is very intriguing, I love the fabric you're using too.

Jo said...

The bellpull looks great and I'm sure your grandmother will love it.

Vicki in CO said...

I need to dig out Cheryl's Bouquet and work on it again one of these days. It's been ages since I touched it! Hope you get your medical issues squared away once and for all--hang in there!!

Sea said...

Love the humming bird start