Friday, June 18, 2010

Stitching & Flowers

This update is a week overdue. I apologize for that as I have been so busy and have just gotten back a few hours ago from procedures at the hospital. So if this post appears disorganized or I write things that don't make sense I blame it on the drugs that are still wearing off. ;)
(the procedure went fine, will get results back in the next few weeks)

But enough about that let's talking stitching and flowers!

I had a stitching day with some local stitchers at my house last Saturday. It was great fun. Even if it was smoking hot at my apartment. (which ironically was followed up by a week or straight rain).
But I did get some great progress on dragons. I am sooo close to a page finish and should have no problem reaching my goal of the end of the month for this page.
Here is teaser of what is left to stitch of the dragons page (I will update the full piece when the page is done):

I have also been making some progress on my pirate. Here he is so far:

In non-stitching related news, for the first time ever, I planted my own planters and herbs on the patio. I am sooo excited. The pansies are doing better now than this pic shows. But here are my marigold planter, pansy planter and herb tray:

I also bought a pre-planted hanging basket:

Now the goal is to not kill them. I am hopeful that I can do it. ;)

I also have a new start on some hummingbirds for my Grandma (a surprise for her when I go to visit her, or if I get them done fast enough when she comes here in a few weeks. This is the Grandma that just lost her husband and I just wanted to brighter her house a little bit with something). So pics of that to come soon.
And it is sampler weekend so Cheryl's Bouquet will get some attention. Somehow I managed to miss the sampler weekend last month. But will get back to it this month.

I am so sorry that I continue to have a hard time keeping up with everyone's blogs. I am just not as fast or quick as I used to be it seems. Or just need to sleep and rest more. Stupid medication and such.
But as summer approaches I am hoping to get my life back in order a bit more. And we will see what these latest test results bring back. I am hopeful that we are getting closer to a medication combination that will actually allow me to have a somewhat normal life again.

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog through these last six months, I know it has not been as 'stitchy' lately, but I will get there again I hope.


Silverlotus said...

I hope you get back the results you want, Mel.

I love seeing your pirate progress pictures. I keep saying I need to stitch some of those designs myself, but I just never get around to it.

Blu said...

Lovely stitching, and gorgeous flowers!

And just take care of yourself. That's the most important thing.

Ineke said...

Beautiful stitching. Your flowers look great too.
I hope the test results can give you the possibility to live the life you'd like to live. Take care!

Meari said...

Your flowers and stitching looks good, Mel. I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping the flowers alive. :) Hope you get good news with the text results.

Katrien said...

all looks lovely

Shelley said...

You sound like me, I don't have green thumbs, their black!! Lol, I can never keep plants alive for very long...

Love your stitching. Look forward to seeing Dragons in full when your page is complete.

I hope your test results yield some needed answers.

EvalinaMaria said...

Your planters look beautiful! And congrats on your WIP, you will finish that page in no time and I'm hoping to see picture of your new project with hummingbirds.

Bekca said...

I hope you feel like your normal self very soon. Your progress on Dragons is excellent and good luck with your flower project! :)