Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots of stitching & Cronus

I participated in an autumn/fall exchange with ILCS Yahoo Group. And have just gotten word that my partner, Lily received my package. So now I can show you the ornament I worked on in September. Here's the ornament:
I was very proud of myself for managing to finish it. Only took 10 minutes to thread the sewing machine this time. Sadly that is faster than the hour I fought with it a few months ago. ;)

Later last week I finished up the last 'corner' piece of Rose Garden, which means I am onto a new page!
I will likely work from the top first I think and get that gate in... but gotta look at what makes the most sense for the next step. Here is Rose Garden to date:

I also SAL'd with Cheryl's Bouquet this past weekend. It's really starting to come together and I'm finding it hard to put away. So it may get a bit more attention… we will see.
Here it is to date:

Finally I did get some new pictures of Cronus (warning snake pictures below). Poor guy has had a heck of a time lately. We think he was very hungry and that is why he was striking… but to be safe for the meantime we are wearing gloves to ensure he doesn't strike us. We wanted to feed him a bit more as we thought he was hungry, so we moved him up from pinky mice to fuzzy mice. (difference in age and size). But the fuzzy mouse was almost too big for him. It took him awhile to get it down. And then… that same night he tried to shed, quite unsuccessfully it fell apart in pieces instead of in one nice long piece. So he got a bath to try and help him out.
At any rate, here are some new pics of him in his cage… (they 'yawn' after eating, we are not sure why, but we know it's cute!):
His home... just a cute little terrarium for now.

Why are you staring at my Mom? (this is what I imagine him saying to me as I take pics through the glass) :)

Mouth open! 
I have some more intense ones of him with his mouth open... except they are all blurry... so next time I will try and do better.

This reflection was achieved by accident, but I kinda liked it.

That's all I've got for now to share. 
The election is over that I was volunteering for, just in time for overtime at the office to start. But I'm home this weekend for some time so here's hoping that some stitching gets in! I need to stitch up my name tag for Guild before the end of the month. Guess I should get going on it. 
And of course, gotta get back to Dragons too!
Hope you are all have stitchy good weeks!


Meari said...

The reflection pic is really cool. I like it too. Your stitching looks great. Congrats on the finish (without having too much trouble with the SM).

Hazel said...

Lovely ornament! Love your wips too. x

EvalinaMaria said...

You've made a lovely ornament and what a nice progress on your Cheryl's Bouquet! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing pictures of Cronus. It is my imagination or he grew quite a bit?

kelly said...

I think if I remember correctly the snake is aligning his jaw and putting it back in place when he does that. I love the fall pattern with the acorns, its so cute.

htimcj said...

Beautiful stitching. Poor snake I hope it eats more

Deb said...

Wonderful ornament. And I love your other pieces too. I've got a soft spot for those Chatelaines and really should pick up mine again because they're just masterpieces when they're finished. Cheryl's Bouquet looks wonderful too.

Now about the snake - can't show this to my kids or they'd want one, although I don't know how my daughter would take to feeding it mice.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Beautiful stitching. Rose Garden is one of my favourite designs. I look forward to watching yours grow.

I have a friend who had a snake once. I think they're pretty cool. Watching one eat is quite an experience I'll never forget.

I'm having a Giveaway on my blog and you're welcome to join in if you're interested :)

Emily said...

The fall ornament at top is really great. Love the pics of Cronus, the reflection one is neat.

Vicky L said...

The ornament came out lovely. Lily is very lucky. Cheryl's Bouquet is looking very beautiful. Continue stitching on it because it will be on your mind until you are satsified to put it away, or until you are done. The pictures of the snakes are awesome. Especially the reflection one. You should consider enter that picture in some kind of contest. It is really great.

Carolyn NC said...

Nice finish and progress on your stitching!

Ineke said...

Beautiful pictures of the snake! I hope he is doing well by now.
Cheryl's Bouquet is gorgeous. The thread you use gives amazing coulours changes.

Kathy said...

Your fall ornament turned out lovely. Great progress on the others. Rose garden is going to be stunning. And I love the colors of Cheryl's Bouquet.

Nancy M said...

I had to chuckle about the sewing machine threading. I had to take out the DVD and watch it to remember how to use mine!! Your exchange looks great and so do the WIP. No comment on the snake.LOL

Blu said...

Your ornie looks great. I'm eternally battling my sewing machine too.

Rose Garden looks gorgeous! I love seeing Chatelaines. (Don't ever want to do one, but they are so pretty).

Anne Sans Tete said...

What a cute ornament! And I think the snake is cute too :D

Debbie said...

Great stitching! Love your fall ornament!
Happy stitching.

Kelly said...

The ornament turned out lovely and all your stitching is fabulous as always.
Loving the piccys of Cronus and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

Shelleen said...

The stitching looks great and the reflection pic is pretty cool.

Justflo said...

Lovely Autumn ornament,.You must be pleased.

Anonymous said...

The pattern on Cronos looks like a cross stitch don't you think?

Anonymous said...

The pattern on Cronos looks like a cross stitch don't you think?

Pumpkin said...

Great job on the ornament Mel!

Your WIPs look beautiful. Rose Garden is amazing.

Cronus is very cute but I don't think I'd enjoy feeding him :o(