Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a Winner! (and a pirate)

Hello, hello. First up today, I wanted to address some questions from last week's post:

Evalina wanted more pics of Cronus
- I don't have new pics of Cronus right now as we have been leaving him in his cage. However I will try to get some more on the weekend when we take him out and feed him. I'm hoping he will have settled by then, he's still really aggressive.

Qsnap Lover wanted to know how long Cronus will get - Cronus will likely be between 4-5 feet. He could get as high as 6 but it's highly unlikely. Onyx, our black snake, is also a kingsnake and she is about 4.5 feet (we are pretty sure she's done growing, she's about 5 yrs old)

Angel Parker wanted to know about Canadian Thanksgiving - Tradition (in general) is usually to have a turkey dinner (kinda similar to what you might do at Christmas) and spend time with family. Other than that I don't think there is much else to the tradition… it's almost always the last long weekend before snow and therefore lots of people get outside for those precious few last times. We also have Canadian football that is played during the day on the Monday (just like NFL in the US on the Thurs of Thanksgiving.) I think that is about it. :)

And what you have all been waiting for. We have a winner for the latest giveaway. (winners are generated by giving each entry a number and then a random number generator picks a number)

So without further ado…. the winner is Babs in Belgium!!!
Babs I have emailed you for your address.

In other news I pulled out my Rose Garden for the first time in months! I will share a pic of it when I have the next grouping done, probably get it done this weekend. And then I will be putting it away for a bit to go back to my other projects. I want to get that last page of dragons done before the end of the year, and get Cheryl's Bouquet complete so that I can start on the wedding piece for my friends who are getting married in July of next year.
However, I realized I hadn't shared a pic of the pirate in awhile. I know, I know really that's all I've gotten done. Well… sadly. Yes. Still have the backstitching *ugh* and the letters to go. I am disappointed in the coverage on him... but not enough to restart.
Here he is to date:

Coming up for me this week. It's the last week of push for mayoral elections here in town. I have been campaigning and supporting one candidate which is where lots of my time has been going. However, Monday night it will all be done. It's a super tight race between three so it's gonna be interesting (and nerve racking).
I will be stitching some this weekend, especially during the day on Saturday. So hopefully by next time I will have an update on dragons, rose garden and probably Rose as well.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. You all keep me motivated and remind me to find time for the things I love, especially stitching!


Meari said...

I think your pirate looks pretty good, Mel. Good luck with the election.

Emily said...

Congrats to Babs and can't wait for the new pics of the snake.

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats to Babs!

Your pirate looks good, as for the coverage... it's hardly noticeble.

Kathy said...

Congrats to the winner.

Nice progress on your newest pirate. :)

Blu said...

Congrats to Babs.
The pirate looks pretty good, but you're right the black coverage is a little poor.

Jodie said...

Very cute pirate!

Bev said...

i love the pirate, and yes i agree with backstitching, yuck!!

Katrien said...

congrats tot Babs!
Your pirate looks great :)

Pumpkin said...

Congrats Babs!

Love yer pirate ;o)