Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Heaven and Earth Designs Poll!!

It's starting to get a little chilly here in town each morning. A reminder to us all that Autumn is quickly approaching. I've been working on many different projects. New items up at my store. A commission piece that I just got the materials for (yes that's right I'm getting paid a bit to do up a piece for someone!!). Work on July Cottage to transfer it to Canadian (I'm hoping to have this for you all no later than end of the month. AND a mini promotion at the new job. Yep it's busy, but not stressful busy, just busy.

It was a tight race last month for which pattern would win to be my July HAED pattern. There was only 1 vote separating the top 3!! But in the end this wonderful, gothic looking Snow White piece won.

But don't worry if that wasn't your pick. A few of the favourites are back again this month in the voting. As well as some new patterns, including the just listed Autumn pattern (I do really love this one) by a new artist that Michele got signed to HAED. Vote away!

Coming up in the next month: July cottage in Canadian format, Dragons page complete, start of commissioned cross stitch, Mirabilia mermaid update & so much more!
As always thank you so much for your lovely comments and taking the time to read my blog. More coming in August to you all for sure, but I can promise a giveaway in September too! So don't forget to keep checking back!


Lesleyanne said...

Love the new chart. I have voted.

Maureen said...

Oh good choices. .. have cast my vote.

Emma said...

I recently added that chart to my wish list - I love the colours :)

Shelleen said...

I love that chart. I also voted.

Katrien said...

voted :)

Bekca said...

Oops, missed the chance to vote, but I was going to pick the winning design anyway :) I've just caught up with your posts over the last couple of months Mel. I'm so glad to read the new job is going well and you've got more time to do the things you really enjoy. I very much look forward to seeing Dragons, and your latest giveaway.
Best wishes.