Friday, August 31, 2012

This is a cute idea...

I dunno about you but I often wonder what people REALLY think of my items.
Obviously we all support each other no matter what, because it's all about crafting but let's face it... some things are more popular than others and sometimes it's hard to know what!

Which is why I bring to you today this really cute page called "Big Etsy Contest". It's quite a neat idea... and it's not all about shopping (which is always nice, no pressure sale here at all)!

So what's it all about?
Well you visit the site two items show up right away that are running against each other. You get to vote on which you like best. Each day the votes are tallied for items and you can view the top voted on items on the winners page.
Even better if you find something you really love, and must have, there is a page of discounts to stores as well!

Okay, so you ask the magical question what makes this site that much better than any other Etsy promotion site?
It's that it's free!!! No strings attached. One of my items featured back in July (shown) and all I had to do was put my name in the hat. That is very cool. I love the sites that are not just "money" driven (ad dollars) because it really helps reflect what people really like, not just who has the biggest budget. Not only is it a great way to see what's trendy and cool, it's also a great way to add more items to the ever growing wishlist (or maybe see if you can get inspired to do your own!)

I just wanted to share this little gem with you all. See how many hours you can waste clicking through and voting. Enjoy!

In other news... a page of dragons is almost done, 20 or so stitches away! Update will be next week. I'm also just putting the finishing touches on my July Canadian cottage and will have that with the conversions I did for you very, very soon. Maybe even before dragons... we will see. Thanks for visiting!

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