Friday, August 1, 2014

Stitch From Stash - July

I've come to the conclusion that it will be a miracle if I can go one entire month without spending anything on stash...
This makes me kinda sad. Seriously how is it that I just can't stop looking??
I think one of my 'new' goals is to have one year in 2014 where I can log a zero in SFS.

So this month... no zero for me... really didn't do all that well at all actually...
+ $19 HAED - Raven (I shouldn't have I know but I was chatting with Michele about some copyright stuff and couldn't help but go and buy something new from her - Shown on right)
+ $18 on JSC Halloween Mag (of course!!!) and Kreinik for Mermaid
+ $17 Fabric on eBay
+ $13 Serendipity patterns on eBay
= $105 (US)
= $67 (US)
EDIT: Thank you, thank you to all my awesome readers for commenting to correct my math!!! I'd say how embarrassing but at the same time I'm not so great at basic math (apparently). 
So the total is actually $67!!!
This new total I WILL log and keep my exemption as I think I can make it work in my budget by using forward money and attempting to have August be a ZERO month. *fingers crossed* 

Okay I didn't realize how badly I'd really done until I added it all up. I'm fired for sure!
So what that means is I'm going to take my exemption/skip month for July. But I'm soooo disappointed with myself for not keeping better track so that I could be sure to spend even more! (I know I'm pathetic - but did you know there are 2 more witches from Mirabilia now!!!)

Now I have to have to be good in August. I can do this I hope. At least stay under $25!
I won't lie I'm starting to feel like I might fail at this whole Stitch From Stash as I haven't really started anything significant from my stash or had any significant finishes except Cottages. I guess my Mermaid is a stash pick-up and Counting Bats is too but I haven't gotten to finishing it yet (I need to get on that!)

Alright. That's enough of that.
Upcoming: Dragons page is close to done, just filling in a bunch of white. 


Stitching Angel said...

Ohh I love your new head, hope you get to start her soon.

Irene said...

The new HEAD is gorgeous!

What you have listed only adds up to $67 ... is there something you have not told us about?

Shelly said...

I'm with Irene. Lol. The new HAED looks great!

cucki said...

Aww it's a very pretty chart
Enjoy my dear x

Justine said...

Glad I'm not the only one who adds that up to $67! If you're not adding too much to your existing stash, then I think SFS is a success.

KimM said...

Beautiful chart - I'm very bad when it comes to purchasing stitching I "just can't live without"….

Heather said...

She's really pretty :). Not helping I know but I'll tell you what... When I finish my friends project and you finish dragons I'll buy my raven piece from Lisa Parker haed and we'll work on them together :)

Sally said...

That adds up to $67 for me too! Are you wishing you'd spent more Mel lol!

I've already spent for August. Hangs head in shame. Only £11.60 though so as long as I'm good until my August report I'll be OK!

Love your new HAED.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love your new HAED - so long as the maths works to your advantage it's always the right answer !!

Brigitte said...

SFS is a real challenge, isn't it? But I don't blame anyone to NOT be able to stay with 0$ spending. Stitching is such a wonderful hobby ansd stash enhancement is just a part of it. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (and for me)that August will be better.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great news that you didn't actually spend as much as you thought - I'm really excited to see your REAL skip month though, I bet purchases will be epic then ;)

I love Raven, this is a HED I'd definatly stitch myself today and I can't wait to see you start on her and see it actually stitched out :)

Stitchinowl said...

That's great that you didn't spend as much as you thought! I think you should also deduct the Raven purchase from your total - think it of it as a donation to the designer for the copywright chat:)

Linda said...

Love your new chart Mel.


demeter83 said...

I know what you mean, I'm the same... and this year has been an absolute horror as far as new starts go for me as well... I keep telling myself that next year will be better

Kaisievic said...

I can never go a month without purchasing something new - just so many gorgeous patterns out there.

Rachel Tomkins said...

Temptation gets the better of us all no matter how angelic we try to be! I think Stitch From Stash has made us all realize just how much we spend on our hobby! But you only live once and if buying stash makes you happy then go for it! Love the new chart, by the way! :)

Carla Eldridge said...

Oh my dear! Here is what I did to stop the pattern hoarding....I resolved to not buy anymore patterns until my to-do list gets down to something more manageable. I visited all of my wish lists and deleted most of what was on each list to what I REALLY do want to do in the future but will not purchase anything new. I no longer window shop as that leads to more buying UNLESS I need fabric for one of my projects.

Please don't fret over your spending. YOU have created such a wonderful idea that we all love and it has helped so many in such wonderful way!

Be strong my sweet!

Bekca said...

You can do it Mel! So what if this is your free month, next month will be better you know it :) Looking forward to seeing Dragons.
Best wishes.

Miamina said...

You are doing great! Just imagine how much you could have spent if you weren't keeping yourself in check!

I love that Selina Fenech design and it's on my wishlist :)

Cole said...

Raven is a beautiful piece - I can see why it was hard to resist! Sounds like a fun stash haul :)

Susan said...

On the plus sides, you spent less than you thought and because you're paying more attention to your spending, you probably spent less than you would have. It was really smart of the organizer to give us a by month! 8-)