Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Start - Gift Stitching

Tis the season for gift stitching! I've got 3 gift stitches going on right now. 2 for Christmas and 1 for February deadline. 

This new start is the February gift (yes I should work the Xmas ones first, lol). It's super cute pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery. Being stitched on "Iris Garden Morning Glory" 28ct lugana (even weave) that came from my stash. I think it's a Picture this Plus fabric. Amazingly soft and vibrant. Very glad I had it in stash!! Being stitched with good ole DMC also from my stash. 

 I'll share snippets of the gift stitching over the next few weeks. I'm unsure who of my "real life" vs "online" friends frequent this blog so I have to be moderately careful. Lol!! 

In some unfortunate news: I've learned today that Love Thy Thread, a company with (mostly gothic) artist rendered patterns (like HAED) is closing their shop on Dec 1. Check out for yourself before Dec 1 at: I bought 2 patterns after much deliberation. 
A steampunk themed one called "Lady Mechanica". You can see it here: (their photos are locked up so couldn't repost)
And another called "Bare" that I won't post as it involves nudity (gorgeous and tasteful but just to be safe). If you want to see click here: 

Dragons is progressing. It's a bit boring with mostly solid white and off white to stitch. But that does mean it stitches quick which is never a bad thing!!


Kate said...

Great new start!

cucki said...

Sweet xxx

Leonore Winterer said...

Great new start!

Not knowing who reads your blog and what you can show safely really can be a lets all wait for Christmas when you can safely share!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Love the new start and on such perfect fabric too!
Thanks for the news about Love Thy Thread. I'll head over there right now (not that I can justify any more stash) :)

Linda said...

Nice start Mel.


Shebafudge said...

What a shame to lose another designer. She has some beautiful charts. xx

Thoeria said...

Lovely new start!

KimM said...

Great start!!! Can hardly wait to see your next update.

Caitlin D said...

Love the new start already!

Suz said...

Great new start!

And I had sadly heard of LoveThyThread closing and also got a pattern or three as well. I think it's the fault of that new VAT/Tax/Policy on digital goods? A pox on all of it.

Neilteil said...

I'm doing this too! :) Looks great!

Sharon said...

Hi Mel - this is a cutie! (You know, as our beloved leader, you shouldn't be tempting us to buy such cuties!). LOL
Here's my HUGE "duh" moment. I lost your email so I couldn't turn in my SFS monthly results. Can you please send an email to me? thanks!!