Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Comic Expo & Sad April SFS2015-A Report

Well... another month, another report.
I have to say that I didn't spend any money this month on stitching (hurrah!)... except I did spend an obscene amount of money at our local Comic Expo... my Harley Quinn obsession is starting to get out of hand according to my DH. (lol)

I have no stitching to report. I know terrible. But Comic Expo has been all consuming since middle of April. And I spent so much money that we are joking that our house is on the "KD budget" for the next month. I suppose at least that means I'll have another zero dollar spending month on stitching!! :)

So, forgive me the rest of this post is going to have nothing to do with stitching. Feel free to wander elsewhere if you're not interested in my fan girl activities.

Comic Expo - Calgary
I have been attending the local Expo here in Calgary (where I live) for the last 7 years. Each year has had lots of great celebs, shopping and sessions; but been plagued with crazy bad organization. I'm so pleased to say that this year, while the celebs were not quite as epic, the organization was bang on. And frankly having a good time is more important than having a million good celebrities (in fact maybe that's why it was better...)

Last minute they announced Neil Patrick Harris!!! It was shocking as NPH has never done any Expo except for San Diego (the largest in the world). So we couldn't believe he was coming to little ol' Calgary, Canada! I got to meet him, get his autograph and hear him speak at a panel. It was a great addition to the Expo and easily the best celebrity guest (but not my favourite moment). To the right is Neil from the autograph line-up.

I was especially excited, prior to NPH being announced, to meet Chad Hardin. He is the current artist of Harley Quinn in her own series of DC comics. Don't know who Harley is? She is the paramour of Joker and often seen by his side. She first appeared in the Batman franchise in the animated Batman from the early 1990's (when I was prime age for cartoons).
To say I was over joyed to meet Chad would be an understatement. He was a super nice, personable and real person. Zero ego to be had. I got to commission him to do my very own, exclusive pencil sketch of Harley Quinn (for a pretty penny) that is absolutely worth every penny I spent on it. We're going to get it framed up and put it on the wall:
The sketch above is currently my pride and joy. It's actually sitting at home (to be framed) right next to my Jeannette Douglass stash from last month!

Here's a rare glimpse of me... in my new Harley Quinn hoody purchased at Expo. I know I look 12, but I swear I'm 32! (wow, two posts with pics of me in two months; I must be loosing it.)

In addition to NPH & Chad I also met; David Morrisey (the Governor from Walking Dead), Kristin Bauer (Pam from True Blood & Malificent in Once Upon a Time), Carl Weathers (Predator plus lots of other movies over the years).
I bought a bunch of comics including a first edition of a series called Gotham City Sirens that stars Harley Quinn (surprised? haha), Poison Ivy & Catwoman. It was a bit of investment but in great shape and the only copy I saw all weekend amongst the dozens of comic booths in the market.

There you have it, a short but sweet update about what I've spent my last little it obsessing about. I've been (of course) reading lots of comics and getting tied up about what Harley Quinn is going to look like for her big screen debut in forthcoming DC Comics "Suicide Squad" movie. (don't ask what I think of her look that we've seen to date as it's a rambling worst than this post).

If you stuck to the end of this good for you! And thanks for caring about part of my non-stitching life. Dragons is going to get picked up by weeks end (finally) and I really do need to pick up the pace to make my end of May deadline... eek!


Heather said...

Awesome hoodie! Harley is my favorite villain from Batman although I like Catwoman and Poison Ivy too. Mostly Ivy for her costume lol. Good luck with dragons!

sharine said...

So jealous! Sounds like an awesome day:)

Tiki said...

Great score! Love the hoodie and that sketch is fabulous!

Leonore Winterer said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I think not stitching a lot is totally excusable if you've been having other kinds of fun instead, and from the looks of it you sure did ^_^

Joy said...

One of my former coworkers had a last name of Quinn. They named the baby Harley.

rosey175 said...

That jacket is awesome! It's amazing how much spending can go on at a comic expo haha. I don't know if I'm lucky or disappointed there aren't any around here.

G'luck with your dragons~ :D

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Wow!! That sounds so cool. I'm glad you had such fun and got to meet some amazing celebrities.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've never been to a Comic Con, not really my specialist subject! I have been to a couple of Golden Demon Days which were for people who paint the miniature figures for D&D style games.
I'd also love to attend a Discworld convention. Maybe when my son is older.
Love your hoody, it looks great as does the commissioned artwork.

Irene said...

The hoodie is great and it sound like you had lots of fun.

There's always something to spend money on isn't there; it not one obsession then another (sigh!)

Faith... said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time and a good reason for not stitching!

Hope you get the urge to pick up your Dragons soon,

Stitch byRachel said...

I think I saw you there - I was volunteering at the Redd Skull booth for three days and so I saw some pretty nice work. I too did not get any stitching done in April at all....

Krystal Barton said...

NPH!!! Love him! :D And that is awesome that you got a drawing from Chad.

Also, I love Kristin Bauer, Pam was just an amazing character, so I'm a little jealous of you getting to meet her and NPH.