Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Reporting Link for SFS2015-A

This is the place to log-in/report for all participating bloggers in SFS2015-A group.
This link list to report for April (for bloggers) will remain open from April 21 - 29.

Of course we want pictures and more information if you'd like!! This is merely the minimum requirement for reporting. Please ensure you link to the exact SFS post on your blog and not your general blog page.

Email participants please click to send in your report: 
Issues, concerns, confused, etc?  
Please feel free to leave a comment here and I will respond via email or comment back if you don't have an email connected to your blogger profile. 
Email me (Mel) direct at


Christina G said...

Congrats to all that are still in it! Great job all. Hugs, Christina

Magical Mystery said...

Sorry I messed up and the link I gave is incorrect :(

The correct link *should* be Magical's Quilts and More...: SFS - May

I'm not sure how to fix this and didn't want to add a second link in the list above so decided to comment instead :)

Unknown said...

All fixed up Magical. :)