Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rosewood Manor - Support

Many people have asked me about Rosewood Manor and I didn't want to get any facts or whatnot wrong. 
Luckily many of shops have shared the same message Karen at Rosewood and so I feel ok with sharing it.

Message from Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor: 
"Hello, I'm not sure how many of you are aware of our daughter Rachel's very serious accident late this summer.  She lives in England.  She and her two sons 7 & 6 were visiting us here in Michigan for about 30 days while the boys were off school.  Her husband had come over for the last 8 days of the summer. We had a fun summer which ended in tragedy just two days before they were to fly home.  We are all devastated.
"After a month in hospital here in Michigan she was flown via medical transport over to England to a hospital there.  She has sustained a TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury.  She is now in a center for enablement - receiving rehab in Oxford, England.  We are all hoping and praying for a miracle, that she can overcome this, but it will all take time - lots of time. The doctors feel that her sister, her father and I, should visit to help with her rehab as often as possible.
"I designed a leaflet to raise money to help our family be able to fly over to visit her in hospital in England.  It is called "Crazy Socks"-the explanation of the title is on the back cover of the chart." 

Been thinking about getting a Rosewood Manor pattern? 
Now is the perfect time. 

Photo shown is the second Rosewood Manor I bought in support of Karen it's called "Autumn Quakers". 
First was featured last blog post called "Inspiration". I also own a few more my Rosewood that I unearthed to make sure I didn't buy duplicates. 

On an unrelated note. My stash needs a serious organizational rework. More on that to come soon. 


Margie said...

Do you have the stitch count off this pattern? I couldn't find it on the description on the website and was trying to figure exactly how large of a project it was.

Karen said...

That is very sad, and a very difficult time to go through. I will be praying for Karen's daughter's recovery.

Susan said...

Ooooo, love the colors in this one - now that my buying gates have opened a bit (I knew that would happen when I caved on Serenity Harbor) I will have to look more seriously at it.

Heather said...

Cool pattern and great cause. I hope she heals well.

Esmeralda said...

Beautiful pattern
My sfs budget is looking good so i might buy a pattern
First need to see how much the cost are of the material kit
I hope she heals well
She is in the best hospital from England for a brain injury
Big hug

Esmeralda said...

Just went to her website but cant find any information about this pattern
Do you have a website were i can find it ?

Leonore Winterer said...

Now I understand, thanks for explaining. I really want the Seasonal Quilt patterns, so I'll probably take this opportunity to get one or two of those - support for Karen and her family and a little treat for myself.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What an awful thing to happen after such a lovely trip. She really is in the best place for recovery and recuperation. It will be a long haul but I'm sure having her family around will really help.
It's nice to know that your stash enhancement is going to a good cause too.

Carla Eldridge said...

Crazy socks, I'm so on it!

Thank you for sharing this bit about what is going on as I was wondering if she had fallen off the planet!