Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stitch From Stash Announcement

I have been debating a decision for the last month and a bit, and have finally decided on the best course of action. 
All of my helpers have been fabulous and wonderful! I couldn't have kept SFS going without them over the last year!! This decision is in no part because of them or a lack of them. This is a purely personal decision on my behalf. 
If you haven't figured it out yet I am closing Stitch from Stash. I am finding it overwhelming these days to try and keep up each month (even with the help of my awesome volunteers). It has been a wonderful road to get to know so many people, manage the group, work through the growing pains and to learn a lot about my own spending habits (what I really learned is I'm awful with spending as expected, lol). However my role at my office is increasing (which is a good thing but involves a lot more effort and energy), my anxiety disorder is creeping up (slowly but surely) and tasks that have timelines add to my anxiety, and lastly my hands are sore a lot more often. Therefore I need to decrease some of my repetitive actions (like typing) in order to keep doing those I love (like stitching) and preserve my hands for as long as possible.  
I know this will disappoint many and for that I am very, very sorry. I feel that I'm letting you all down by not being able to finish the year out but each month (for the last couple) that I come to deal with SFS month end I am feeling more and more stressed and anxious about it. Obviously that is just silly as it should be fun! And I promise you it was. I've had a wonderful time running this group. It's just that now is the time for me to let go. 
I have considered passing the group onto someone and decided that in it's current form I'd like to retire it. However if someone would like to start their own I'd be happy to promote it on my blog so that everyone will be aware. 
Again, thank you so much to everyone that has been a part of the group. And please understand that I am sorry to close the group down at this time but it is the right thing to do. My DH thanks you all for helping me to save money, and supporting the group (so he didn't have to, lol). 
As a part of stepping away from SFS I'm going to try and re-engage whenever I can in the blog community. I have been passive for the last year and missed so many updates from all of you about your stitching. I miss that. And of course try to update my own blog a bit more often or at least twice a month. (I hope!)
Thank you again for being a part of this wonderful group and journey we have gone on. And don't ever forget to Stitch From Stash! :) 
Happy Stitching


Sylvia said...

Mel, Thanks for hosting this for so long. Everyone must prioritize. i am sure we all value what you have done for us in hosting this site. The best to you as you take on your new responsibilities at work. Please go have fun doing the things you love.

Esmeralda said...

I completly agree with silvia above :)
Do what you love to do in life, you only have one life :)
Make the most of it and fill it with happy and beautiful things
Thanks for everything

Stitchinowl said...

Thanks for organizing this group for the past two years. I completely understand your need to step back. We can all take the SFS lessons we've learned and, hopefully, continue to save $$ in the future. :) Please continue to update your blog when you can. I always enjoy your posts.
Happy Stitching,

Claudette497 said...

I loved participating and I'm glad you gave me (and everyone else) the chance. Thanks for sharing your great idea with the world - I look forward to seeing more stitchy updates from you (?).

Katie Haskins said...

Aw. I'm a bit sad. But at the same time I'm glad that I don't have to stick to the budget for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Hope you get back to stitching more.

Justine said...

I think you did a great job of organising this for two years but it's meant to be a hobby and enjoyable. I hope this decision leaves you more time to spend on what you love!

second hand junkie said...

Sorry this has to end but agree that sometimes you have to step away from the computer! I used to get so involved in cross stitch forums that it left me no time for stitching.

I will continue to stitch from stash and save £25 a month so I can have a big spend up at the Knitting and Stitching shows when I go.

Thank you for letting me participate in this wonderful group....and keep blogging everyone x

Leonore Winterer said...

I wasn't a part of SFS for the past few month, but I still followed everyone around and enjoyed it...and still, I understand your decision. Stitching is, for most of us at least, a hobby, so it and everything associated with it should be fun, not a chore. And when you are starting to feel stressed and anxious about some aspect of your hobby, it's better to let it go.
I'm really looking forward to more blog updates from you, though! :D

Brigitte said...

I was a member of SFS for a year and a half and I loved being a part of the group. Since then I have a different look at my stash and know how much fun it is to stitch from my stash. Organizing this group has been such a lot of work for you and I want to thank you for it. And for the great experience I made through the group.

Sharon said...

Mel, thank you so much for being "real" with all of us. So many times, I find myself being the hamster on the wheel that just keeps going and going just because I "should". I have loved being a part of SFS and I'm grateful to you and your helpers for helping me take a step back and learn to be more content with what I already have than always feeling like I HAVE to have every pretty new thing that comes along. I've learned to "save" for items thatI really wanted... Versus just buying before I had necessarily budgeted. I hope your new path brings you joy, happiness, peace and many, many happy moments of STITCHING! Hugs.....

lynda said...

Mel, it's been fun helping keep the logs updated for SFS. I totally understand your decision though, and hope that maybe now you will be able to relax and enjoy any stitching and blogging that you can find time for. Thanks again for making SFS fun for all of us. Hugs...

Heather said...

Mel, I'm late on commenting on this, but I totally understand your decision. I appreciate everything you've done with SFS and I am sad to see it go. But, you need to look after yourself. As someone with anxiety issues, I can relate. I can't tell you the number of times I've thought about shutting down my whole blog, never mind the Smalls SAL.

If you ever start up SFS again, I'll be one of the first ones to join. It really helped me monitor my spending.