Friday, August 14, 2009

An unexpected stash trip and finish!

Well I had an unexpected stash trip to my LNS store yesterday, as we were all given the day off because our internet/email had gone down and couldn't get fixed until Friday. I don't get paid for the day, but did get to do some stitching stuff.

So I was bad and picked up a few more things... (forgive me for some of the bad photos, my B/F wasn't feeling good last night so I took the photos myself, so as always when I take them they are not the greatest).

This awesome green hand-dyed fabric for my believe tree (and I am substituting the thread as well to this hand-dyed purple sorry names are at home and I can't remember)

This cute button-up pattern and some basic Cashel Linen Flax (30 ct) for it.

And the next pirate pattern that got released... pirate queen from Sue Hillis Designs.

I also worked on my Love Pirate for a bit. Here is my progress so far:

And finally.... MY FINISH!
I got the last of the backstitching on my witchy ornament. I still love this green handdyed from Weeks Dye Works. It's just too awesome!
Here it is:

So I need to go on a bit of a stash diet as we fixed my B/F's car and need to pay off the costs. But have no fear I have LOTS to stitch and update you with in the next little bit for sure.
I am continuing to work on ducky, dragons, papillion SAL and of course my pirates.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my last set of WIP updates! You're all so nice! :)


Rene la Frog said...

Congrats on the finish...Love the bright green, that will wake you up as quick as the coffee 8o). Your new stash looks like lots of fun.

Carissa said...

Love the fabric for your believe tree, and your finish is great!

Beatrice said...

Congrats on the sweet finish...I love the colours.
Isn't it fun to get new stash and then you get a new START. Yippee! Nice choices.

Emily said...

Awsome new stash.

Nancy M said...

Nice new stash and a good way to not think about car repairs! Cute halloween finish too.

Katrien said...

great new stash. Cute finish.
Katrine - ILCS

Jen said...

Love the finish! I need to go on a stash diet too as I have just had my windscreen replaced - until pay day!

Sandy In Montana said...

Great new stash Mel, and No Magic is too cute. Great job!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish, and nice stash! Sorry to hear about the car issues... been there, doing that!

Carolyn NC said...

Great finish and stitching. Love the new stash!

RuthB said...

Sorry about hte pay, but I'm glad you were able to console yourself with some truly lovely stash! Congrats on all your recent stitching. Everythign looks absolutely marvelous!

Natalija said...

WOW, what a great stash. Congrats on your finish, love the green colour.

Carla said...

Great new stash!!
Love you kitty finish!! The design really stands out in that fabric!

Cindy F. said...

Adorable finish!!! and awesome stash!!

lenna said...

Mel ~ Where can I get a Joan Elliot's Cross Stitch Book? I love your cat ornament. I also like the fabric and would love to do one. Your blog is super and your stitching is lovely.
Thanks for coming by my blog: and leaving your encouraging comments they really help me get it done!
God Bless ~
I am now a follower.