Monday, November 9, 2009

Snowman Finish, Ornnament Received, Ducky Update

Wow... that is a long title. But I just couldn't come up with one thing for it all. ;)

Alright... it was a busy weekend... some stitching done, lots of sleeping as I was not feeling great. But also had an opportunity to go to the Calgary Flames game with my friend which was awesome! And very unexpected, she got some free tickets last minute.

But on to what you care about... the stitching.

Here is my finish (minus the buttons) of Button Up #1, Snowman. I will be doing Fill-It-Up from the same set on the same piece of material and then cutting them out. So that is why it has no buttons yet as it's still on scroll rods. My pine boughs at the top are not exactly like the pattern, cause I found it hard to follow.. so I made some of them up. Hope it still looks okay!

I also received my September exchange ornament from my ILCS Yahoo Group. It is so cute. What a great little exchange this was! :)

And last but not least an update on the ducky. I was hoping to have the page of the bottom section on the left done by the end of the weekend... but sleep overtook. ;)
He is coming along. I am still painfully waiting to complete this one so I can start something else... but gotta get through him for my friend first.
(and I ran out of a few DMC colours in the blue, so had to make an emergency Michael's trip to get three skeins, but got those so now full steam ahead on ducky).

Thank you so much to everyone for visiting and all your great comments! You all make my day! :)


Carolyn NC said...

Nice stitching! Love the snowman and exchange, and Ducky is so cute!

Emily said...

Everything looks great, the snowman it cute and Ducky is coming along nicely, you should be done soon. Hope you feel better.

Nancy M said...

The postal service must use carrier dogs to deliver the mail. September exchange in November??? Your snowman is cute, but now you have no excuse not to finish ducky, get a move on!!!! :-)

Meari said...

I think the boughs on snowman look fine. It turned out really cute! Looks like you'll have ducky done in not time. Go go go! Nice exchange ornie, too.

Vicki in CO said...

The snowman is very cute. Keep working at ducky...he's lookin' good!

Rene la Frog said...

LOVE the snowman....he is so cute. Ducky is almost there, you are going to miss him when he is finished.

Glad you enjoyed the exchange. I think it's one of my favorite ones to pressure on anyone and will probably be doing it again next year.

Brigitte said...

Such a nice little snowman. He sure makes your heart melt, lol.

Kelly said...

Love the snowman!
Ducky is coming along swimmingly lol

Kathy said...

Your little snowman is adorable. And Ducky looks good. You are on the homestretch there.

Jen said...

I really like the snowman. I might have to indulge myself. The duck really does look like he's having a good time in the bath.

TammyK said...

Your snowman is sooo cute :o) I can see the finish line on the Ducky - you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Your snowman is cute, you will soon be finished with Ducky soon. Hope you feel better soon.


lenna said...

Mel ~
I think your snowman turned out very nicely. I like your pine bough.
Your duck is coming along you have made a lot of progress.
Nice exchange ornament, also.
Oh, I made a name tag out of the Witchy Ornament and it made a big hit at my last EGA meeting.
I got the book and it has some cute things I will be stitching.
Hope you get to feeling better.
God Bless your stitching fingers,

Shelley said...

Your snowman is adorable. Ducky looks like he is almost complete!!!