Monday, November 16, 2009

Stitching Progress!

Well we are on the last leg of my craziness at work. This week should end the overtime *happy dance*. Just gotta get through this week.
But I did manage to get a bit of stitching in this weekend even with working.

Just for you Nancy M, an update on Castles in the Air! :)
This one was brutal I gotta say. The flowers you see on the left took me forever. I think I frogged once part out three times. So painful. I am so not looking forward to the matching set on the other side, but first I will do the peacock on this side.
Here is a pic of what I worked on:

And here is a pic of the whole project to date:

And I have an update on Dragons, no not quite a complete row/page. But it's close!
This has become tedious in this last little section because I only have two colours to stitch in it. So it's quick, cause it's just rows of the same thing, but kinda boring. So I am doing it bit by bit. It'll get there.
The piece to date:

Well... only a few more weeks until my first 12-hour stitch day at my LNS. Can't wait! And of course the end of this week will be a great relief to get our magazine out the door! ;)

Thank you so much for visiting (and for also believing that I am crazy about my current WIP and new SALs coming up!)

PS. Ducky got a bit more progress but not enough to show. I will try to get him done by Xmas... maybe that 12-hour stitch day will help. ;)


Carolyn NC said...

Castles is beautiful and great progress, too on Judgment. :)

Deb said...

pure TALENT!!!!!Deb Weaver

Rene la Frog said...

Glad to hear the OT is coming to a end and you'll have time for more stitching and hopefully some rest too. The WIP's both look fantastic!

5 Foot Runt said...

Keep working at it. Sometimes it feels like forever but it will be done before yu know it. Frogging and all, lol.

Nancy M said...

I'm so glad someone is stitching for me!! LOL Your update doesn't make me want to pull my Castles out and work on it though! Ugh.....another part I don't look forward to. Maybe I shouldn't ask for any more updates on that one!!! Only 2 colors? You should be able to fly on that page to finish it up! Have fun at the 12 hour stitch day.

Meari said...

Both projects look great, Mel. Enjoy your 12-hour stitch day. Will you really be stitching for 12 hours???

Kelly said...

Both projects look so lovely. I haven't worked on my Castles for a while now.

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow Mel!! Your wips are gorgeous!! You're making me want to run to my stitching chair girl!!

Good luck at work! Hope all goes well:)

Anonymous said...

You have made great progress on both pictures. Enjoy your 12 hour stitching.


Katrien said...

Castles is so gorgeous.

Justflo said...

Good to see your progress on Castles in the Air. Mine has come to halt at the moment (oooops). I'm hoping to get back going it in the next couple of weeks,.

Joy said...

Great progress!! I wish I could just sit and stitch for 12 hours...please fly your needle for me!!