Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Stitch Alongs

As always the beginning of the year brings with it many new stitch alongs. In the past I have done stitch alongs at my own pace, and plan to do that again this year.
There are three that I think are just awesome this year. One I will definitely be doing, one I'm considering doing, and another I just want to at least collect all the pretty patterns for!
I personally think all three SALs are reasonably priced given the difficulty of the pattern and profile of the designer. I was not asked to or paid to endorse these SALs; I'm just sharing what I plan to do this year. :)

1) Canadian Patriotic Series - by Jeannette Douglas

As many of you know I kind of love Jeannette, both her designs and as a lovely person (she lives in my hometown). This year is the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming an independent nation (although we are still part of the British Commonwealth). Lots of big things happening across the country this year and of course major celebrations in the nation's capital Ottawa on Canada Day (July 1). While you may not think Canadians have a lot of patriotism, both myself and most of my friends are very proud to be from and live in Canada. So this is a big deal to us.
I plan to actually stitch this up as one large sampler piece this year. I just need to figure out my plan for linen and threads.
My link is to local shop that has Jeannette's work. You can get the patterns from your LNS, but the fancy boxes may not be available everywhere.
Check it out at:

2) Birthstone Dragons - by Ingleside Imaginarium

This is a new designer who sells on Etsy. I love dragons, and even if they end up being similar but different colours in this monthly SAL I won't mind one bit. lol.
The first one has been released. See a photo to the right of January's dragon. I'm not sure if I will actually kit these up right away or not... but as they look nice and easy and use DMC they might be a good little quicky one to work on.
There is a facebook group to chat about this SAL here:
And here is where to purchase the pattern:

3) Fairy Tale Princess Dress-Up Collection - by Brookes Books Publishing

I've done many of Brooke's lovely patterns as most of them are on perforated paper! They are like an experienced stitchers version of the Mill Hill kits I like. Lots of breads, usually metallic thread and sometimes a speciality stitch here or there.
While I don't know what I would do with these patterns... I just think they are crazy gorgeous! So this SAL (first two are out) is more about collecting the patterns and not about stitching them this year. I might do these up as one large sampler but won't be deciding until they are all out.
You can buy the patterns from your LNS or order direct from Brooke on Etsy here: 

Bonus: I still have the Calendar Girls by Little House Needleworks kitted up with a wonderful Gingham Checkered Linen. This was a SAL from a couple years ago that was monthly. My plan is still to do all the girls in a row without the calendar names. As it's kitted (as it uses DMC) and ready to go. It's also in my pile of top projects to start next. So it maybe that I will have the patriotic one and calendar girls on the go this year. Like I said before SAL's are great and all but I rarely follow the timeline as I find that too stressful and just don't have time for it.
These patterns are available at any major online stitching shop or your local LNS.

In other news: I had to delay ordering my fabric and missing threads for my HAED as there was a bead show this weekend and I might have spent the money for the HAED on beads for the store (lol!) but I will be getting that HAED going in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for the surprise!

My husband is finally starting to walk! Only been walking with a limb or one crutch for 4 days. He is now at physio, has daily exercises and is in a lot of pain again (boo). But we were prepared and he is very motivated to get back to sports and climbing as soon as possible. We're hoping in 6 weeks he will be back up on the wall. For me, everyday gets a little easier as he can now help out a lot more. Plus the snow gave me a reprieve this past week, so no shovelling.

Hope everyone is staying warm and finding lots of stitching time! 


Stitching Noni said...

Great SAL plans! I adore that dragons.... and the Calendar Girls do look lovely stitched. I like your idea of stitching them together without the months stitched
Hope hubby continues to improve - sounds good so far (except for the pain!)
Hugs x

Justine said...

Great plans! What a wonderful way to commemorate your country's anniversary- a SAL by a favourite designer. The dragons are cute and I can see why you love the Brooke's Books fairy tale designs...Cinderella is exquisite! I love the little glass slipper on its cushion. Beautiful.
I am hoping to finish Frosty Forest (CCN) this year - only 3 years since I received the charts on autoship! I wish I had been able to keep up...

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm with you - I usually don't stitch SALs while they are still going, but just buy the patterns to stitch them later. The Brooke's Books one is gorgeous, and I see they also sell the patterns seperately...I'll have to look into that one.

Robin in Virginia said...

Mel, what a super selection of SALs you are working on! I look forward to seeing your progress on the Jeannette Douglas one. Have a great week!

Tiffstitch said...

Nice choices and I'm still on the fence about the Canadian one. :)

Faith... said...

I love the SALs you have chosen to do! Brook's Fairy Tale Princess Dresses are gorgeous and they make me wish I had a granddaughter to stitch them for. I joined one SAL for the year and that is to stitch an ornament a month for 2017.

Glad your husband is getting around!

Lyn said...

I like your plans for the SALs. My family is also very patriotic about the USA, so I understand completely what you mean about how you feel about Canada. I am glad your husband is improving. I hope he can meet the deadline he made for himself.

Shelly said...

Great SAL's you have planned. That Canada one though, it's going to be beautiful. So glad to hear hubby is getting around better. When I was 16, I played softball and tore the tendons in my ankle. I was in a cast for 3 weeks! Awful. I can't imagine what you and your husband are dealing with with his injury. Have a good week!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm not Canadian but I love those snippets so far, it looks like a great SAL. If it all goes to hell here, Canada is my first choice for a new home with New Zealand second because of the hobbits.

I also love the Dragons SAL but I'm holding fire on that because of SFS and other projects already planned this year.

Heather said...

Great choices. I'm doing the dragons SAL as well and the dresses are beautiful but I haven't decided on that one yet