Friday, November 17, 2017

More and more Dragons!!

I've got 2 dragons today to share! I know it's crazy to have 2 done. It's amazing what you can get done when you put down your phone and actually get stuff done (lol). 

This is July and August Dragons. Meaning I'm only 3 behind now. Although given there are only 4 left that isn't very impressive. 

Here's the bottom 5 Dragons together. I was too lazy to take the rods off to show it all off. I won't lie that is why they aren't all there. 

Overall I continue to be huge happy with these guys. I did change some colours here and there but mostly they are as they should be. I have not yet figured out what I plan to do about the birthstones each has that I didn't stitch in. On lots of places I just figured out the stitches to make the dragon whole where the stones were. I have been thinking maybe krenik thread overlaid, or many ladies in the SAL have used actual stones stitched on. 
If you've got suggestions I'd love to here them! 
Also stones are not needed... except for many the tiny green guy (but I could always figure something out for him). He's originally standing on the stone. 

In other news
- page 2 of Alice is really close to done!
- got a new SAL (bands in variegated thread) to start 
- made some progress on Here there be monsters 
- and have kitted up the Feminist ladies. 
Never mind all the next things I want to do and stash I keep buying!! :) 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching! 


Robin in Virginia said...

Both look good, Mel. I look forward to seeing an update on Alice. Enjoy your weekend!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm much worse off than you are on Birthstone Dragons, lol. I've done the border, and mostly completed the first dragon. Then I realized I totally messed up the border, and it needs to be frogged and redone. (I knew I had messed it up a little, but then I realized it was more messed up than I thought. Grrrrrr...) So I need to pull out the whole border except for the top part, and put it back in correctly. It was a simple misreading of the chart, so I'm not too mad at myself, but I'm kinda peeved at everything just the same, lol. Yours looks great. I love the colors of your dragons. I can see on a couple that you changed the colors, based on the pics I've seen. I'm SURE you'll finish them by the end of the year, lol. I, sadly, will not even come CLOSE. Thanks for sharing your lovely dragons, and good luck with the stone parts!!!

Justine said...

Those dragons are lovely, I really like the red dragon that looks like it's on fire!

Bekca said...

This is such a beautiful project, you must be so pleased with the progress so far :) I keep eyeing up stash too, but I'm hoping to get some gift vouchers for Christmas so I can buy all the things on my wish list!

Suz said...

Your project looks so fun and precious. I really like that fiery dragon, just napping, like he's not made of actual fire. So cute.

Great job :)

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress! Having to put your phone away to make serious progress seems to be an issue for many of us, this is not the first time I've read about it.

CJ said...

Your Dragons are beautiful. I have finished 4, need to get back on track with it. No new starts for me next year. I cannot give in to stitching temptation.