Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stitching: Mill Hill Sugar Skull

Thanks to all for the good wishes on my stupid finger. 
It’s much, much better now. On Sunday night we went back to the clinic, got a new doctor who essentially chastised me for waiting to follow-up too long. He had to drain the giant pocket of grossness and put me on antibiotics. It was fairly painful but doctor told me even within a couple hours I’d feel better. He wasn’t wrong. 
And now less than a week later I’ve got a finger that is a bit messy looking (peeling skin, blood under nail in spots) but doesn’t hurt!! 
Still cleaning it often, covering when I leave the house and whatnot but it’s so much better! Which means... I got to stitch again! 

Now because my finger is still a bit weird I stuck to easy stitching tonight (first time in over a week to stitch!) and just worked on my current Mill Hill kit. 
This is the border, not all beading done of Mill Hill Sugar Skull: 

It’s super fun to work on because of the fun curves on the paisleys and it’s nice and colourful! I’m glad I had a reason to pick it up. It had been awhile since I’d worked on this one. 

I have no other interesting news really. Although even us Canadians are getting awfully tired of winter; so I can only imagine how some of you US friends feel! 

The rest of the month is very busy. My sister and Dad are in town next weekend and the following weekend in my local Comic Con!! Things just keep on moving so fast! But stitching will happen in there. I especially need to pick up the last dragon and get some stitches in Alice! 

Thanks again for your well wishes last week. 
Happy stitching!! 


Justine said...

I must have missed your previous post...hope your finger is better soon and glad to see it hasn't stopped you stitching!

deb said...

*So* very glad to hear your finger is now feeling much better! Cool design on that Mill Hill piece - it does look like fun. :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad your finger is feeling better and on the mend! I missed your post from the 6th, so I went back to read it. Your Mill Hill stitch is looking good, Mel!

Tiffstitch said...

Great to hear you're doing better and nice progress on the skull!

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad your hand is doing better. It must be annoying to not be able to stitch, especially when you rarely have time for it in the first place! The sugar skull looks great, I love those shapes and bright colours.