Friday, April 6, 2018

Stitching: Two more down, One to go

I'm going to start with a quick PSA for everyone. If you get an infection on your finger (especially a cuticle one) DO NOT allow it to fester and get so bad that you can't bend your finger... because then when you finally go to the Doctor about it they will tell you how silly you are and put you on strong creams and antibiotics. Who knew a tiny finger injury could explode! So this is my service announcement. Just because it looks like a silly little injury doesn't mean it will stay that way! Also finger injuries on your dominant hand are bad for stitching time. ;) 
And yes it's getting better now.

Birthstone Dragons
As usual my 'yearly' SAL has bled into the next year. The birthstone dragon SAL of 2017 is however almost done! 
I've got two more dragons to share with you; which means I'm down to only one more to go! 
Sadly for me being only four months behind is pretty good (lol). 

Other News
I've been putting a bunch of stitches into Here There Be Monsters and want to get back around to Gargoyles. However my husband has been nagging me about Alice... which I haven't worked in over a month. And let's face it no HAED is getting done with those kind of breaks! So needless to say I have lots to work on. 
And then I placed an order for some items that were released at the Nashville Needlework Market. Just in case I didn't already have WAY TOO MUCH to do. LOL! I honestly bought so much stuff I'm too embarrassed to even show you all. Cause there's just so much of it. So I better get to stitching fast again soon (stupid finger) if I am going to have even half a chance at doing 1/4 of my stash in my lifetime... 

Happy Stitching! 


Magical Mysterytour said...

Ouch! I always disinfect EVERY wound - this was important before I knew was diabetic. I spent a good 5 years not knowing I was diabetic so yes... disinfect everything everyone it saves so much pain and issues.

(I get emails for follow up comments so do see/get replies :) )

Stitchinowl said...

Sorry to hear your finger injury got worse. At least, it's getting better now. Ooh, a Nashville Market order....curious minds want to know what you purchased!

Leonore Winterer said...

It's funny (or not) because when reading this first yesterday, I actually discovered a little cut on my left hand...but it's all closed and non-hurting now, so it's okay! I hope you'll be feeling better soon, and get to that stitching!

deb said...

Yikes! I have poor circulation in my extremities and almost any small nick can become an issue on my fingers. So very sorry you have made such a painful discovery! But glad to hear that it's at least beginning to get better.

Will look forward to seeing what you have worked on when you get more stitching time.