Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Enabling & New TV

Well I'm a bit of an enabler... just wanted to remind everyone that Heaven and Earth Designs has their "holiday sale" on for Easter (they do this every major holiday) it's 25% off their designs. I picked up Healer's Touch (I feel in love with this one as soon as I saw it) and a few storykeeps I'd been wanting.

But the bigger news I have is... I bought a new TV last night!! I don't get it until tomorrow or Friday but that is okay.
It's last year's S model from Sony, 40" LCD. I am so excited! (in case you can't tell by my exclamation marks, lol).

I have been wanting a new TV for quite some time and the B/F supported me getting a new one. So now we have it. I got a great deal on it and am pleased to have bought direct from the Sony store. They were so helpful there.
So now I will have a huge pretty screen to ignore and only listen to while I stitch. LOL!


Maxine said...

Hi Mel, thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving lovely comments :) I have read your blog and you have some fabulous wip's. I am saving the Papillon Creations freebie (I don't know when I will get around to starting it though lol. I absolutely love the Judgement design (in case you can't tell from my blog I just love dragons) I'll be watching this one grow so keep those needles glowing and I hope the frogs stay away :)

Nancy said...

I'm safe, I just went to the site and there's nothing I can't live without! For now at least. I have 2 to get done before I should consider any more of them!

Carolyn NC said...

Woo hoo - my DH would be doing a song and dance for you! You know how men are - anything to do with gadgets (tv's especially) and they go nuts! Enjoy it! I can't afford to be enabled anymore - everyone is killing me! I just went to 123 and bought Shepherd's Bush!