Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exchange from Dianne!

I received my exchange from Dianne the other day! :)
It's so wonderful. There are these cute tiny needles that I can't wait to try out on my confetti stitching and lots of great colours. She also threw in some neat spices from Texas, how cool!
She also included one of the magnetic needle holders. I have two of these but actually needed another one for my third box project so that was so awesome!
Thanks again Dianne!

I have been diligently working on Sleep Tight and am one night away from having it done but a few things got in the way. I got a call last night that my guitar was *finally* in, after six weeks of waiting. So played that for a bit last night. I am learning how to play and now appreciate how tough it is!
In other news... we won some playoff hockey tickets last night for the Calgary Flames. So we're off to playoff hockey tonight which is very exciting as they are impossible to get.
Hopefully my next post will be a finish for Sleep Tight.


Terry said...

Very nice exchange!

Brigitte said...

Very nice goodies. Enjoy.

Meari said...

Very nice, Mel!

Kathy said...

Great exchange!
Good luck with getting your piece finished tonight.

Gabi said...

Beautiful exchange. Looking forward to see "Sleep Tight" finished.

Tammy said...

Cool stuff--have fun at the game!