Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exchange Received

Dianne just posted today that she got my exchange from our ILCS group. So glad that you like it Dianne! I forgot to take a photo of this exchange before I sent it. But she has posted a great one up on her site. Just click her name above to view it. :)
The odd thing is that she sent hers a few days before mine and yet she got hers first. The mail seems to come slow to my new apartment. As though they only come every few days. But I'm sure it will get here. (and it's great to look forward to it!)

We have been having a great weekend with family. Last night my Mom and her siblings presented my grandparents with an Alaskan cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary. It was very humbling and so awesome to have everyone in tears over it!
My sister and brother are here from their respective homes far away so it's really great to have our whole family together. We are spending the day with them tomorrow for Easter dinner as well. So can't wait!

And our new TV is pretty good. We are looking at maybe getting a new DVD player so that the conversion rate is a bit better and it looks nicer. But we'll see. ;)

Hope you're all having a great weekend. I will have updated pics on Monday or Tuesday as I have been busy stitching, especially on Sleep Tight in the last few days.


Carolyn NC said...

Great exchange, Mel! Glad you had such great times with your family!

Terry said...

Love all your WIP's. Have a fun visit with the family and a lovely Easter!

Gabi said...

Lovely exchange you sent to Dianne. Have a lovely Easter :)

Meari said...

Nice exchange! Funny how the mail system works, doesn't it? Sounds like a great time with the family. :)