Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday update

Well it's monday morning again... ah the fun. *sigh*
I am very busy at work right now and likely to be for a little while so hopefully that doesn't interfere with my stitching by being too tired to stitch in the evenings.
I started the Papillion SAL this weekend... it's killing me. I don't know if it's the material I'm stitching on or what but it seems like it's taking forever and the frogs are visiting me like crazy.
I will post some updated WIP pictures hopefully tomorrow of the Papillion SAL and some progress on Judgement.

Question for anyone doing the Papillion SAL... Did you really do the backstitch with two threads? I'm finding it quite thick and losing the definition. (I'm stitching over two on 32ct linen).

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Gabi said...

So sorry that the frogs are giving you a hard time. Looking forward to see the picture. And even I'm not stitching yet the Papillion sampler I can assure you that if I would find a back stitching to thick, I would change it to one thread in a wink. It's your work and you should do it as you like it the best.