Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calgary Stampede & Hummingbirds

My apologies it's been awhile. We've been busy entertaining my cousin and her man from Ontario. His first time out West and she hasn't been in a long time. It was their first Calgary Stampede as well.
What is the Calgary Stampede? It's a 10 day exhibition with fair grounds, a huge parade, rodeo, shows etc. It's a huge party time.

On Friday we went to the parade, it's the longest and largest parade in Canada and takes about three hours to watch! Here is Round-up Band (I was in this marching band once), they are junior high school students (I didn't take too many other pics of the parade, sorry, my bad):

On Saturday we had a Stampede breakfast to attend at my parents place(traditional pancakes, bacon and such), about 50 people came and it's my job to server up the pancakes.
Then we went down to the Fair Grounds, where it proceeded to pour rain! :(
But it was still a good time. Here is a pic from the skyride over the grounds:

Sunday we went to Banff and Lake Louise, showed them all the major sights. Here are a few pics (it was cloudy this day too).
The Banff Springs Hotel:
Downtown Banff (that is Cascade Mountain in the background):
And Lake Louise, it was a terrible day for photos, it's sooo much prettier than this but this is what we got on the weekend for a photo:

And then back to work. My Grandma is also here visiting so we saw her last night and just haven't been home in days it seems! But it's tapering off. I am at the Stampede with some girlfriends one more time tomorrow night and then I need some sleep. lol.

I have not stitched much at all. But did get a few stitches into Hummingbirds the other day. Here they are so far (have I mentioned that I find backstitching a huge PITA, I frogged three times on one section, but it looks nice so I will suck it up):

Not too much else to report. Just really tired from all our activities and such.
I got the cutest Turtle pillow ever the other day and will post a pic of it soon.
Also watch out, as I will be holding another giveaway when I hit 140 followers (just need 1 more!) :)

Hope you are all doing well and love hearing from you and reading your blogs.


Meari said...

Banff Springs Hotel is awesome! Beautiful scenic photos of the mountains and lake.

Your hummingbird project is turning out great.

Get some rest! :)

EvalinaMaria said...

You have been so busy! And how is your tummy? Can you eat bacon yet?
Hummingbird looks lovely.

Sea said...

Banff Springs Hotel looks like it has been lifted straight from Scotland into Canada

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful pictures - cute hummingbird, too!

Emily said...

Beautiful pics, the air looks to clean and fresh, guess it is that mountain air. The Banff hotel is just beautiful. Checked out your new start from the previous post and it is sooooo pretty.

Deb said...

That hotel looks amazing. And it looks like a wonderful time. Your hummingbird is very pretty and I have to agree with you on backstitching - a real PITA!

Katrien said...

beautiful pics. And that hummingbird is just beautiful.

Lyn said...

I was in a marching band too, in high school. I played the cornet (shorter trumpet). I have fond memories of that band. We marched in British Columbia my sophomore year. It was great fun. That was the first time I ever had to deal with humidity. What fun, marching in humid weather.

I love your humming bird!

Blu said...

Great pics!
Your hummingbird looks adorable.

Pumpkin said...

Lovely pictures Mel! I've always wanted to go to the Calgary Stampede. Maybe some day :o)

You're coming along nicely with your hummingbird project.

Maureen said...

thanks for sharing your pics - canada is definitely on my to go to list, the scenery just looks stunning.

Tammy said...

Beautiful photos! Your hummingbird is so so pretty too!

Shelley said...

That Hotel looks like a castle. It is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the awesome pics.

Hummingbird is coming along great.