Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hummingbird Stitching & the Ghost Town

 have been trying to find time to update this blog for days. My apologies to everyone.

First up some stitching goodness. Here is the beginning of hummingbirds. It will be four hummingbirds in slightly different positions and it will be finished as a bellpull. Here is the start:

And we did go to the ghost town. It was a beautiful day. This ghost town is near Lake Minnewanka just outside of Banff. It was an old mining town from about 1908 to 1930ish. They were getting coal from the mountains to use for the railroad at the time. Many of the buildings/homes have been moved as heritage sites (years back) to Banff or Jasper. But foundations and a few buildings still stand.
Here are some pics (the B/F has more great ones but hasn't downloaded them yet, so I may share more in a few days).
The scenery:

The ruins:
Some mountain goats on the road on the way out:

We have lots more great photos of the ruins but they have to get downloaded. So I will try and share them soon. (also my new meds are awesome as they are allowing me to get back into the mountains I missed it sooo much!)

We have a big day ahead of us, it's Canada Day!!! (like July 4th in the USA but for Canada). So most people are off today and took tomorrow off cause really what's the point in working. it's gorgeous here about 21C (70ish F) and we are headed back to the mountains to do some rock climbing!
I will post some pics later.
(and the new HAED BB SAL started today so another new start for me, I know terrible, I will have pics as soon as I get some stitching done)

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my blog. I appreciate every one of them!
And to my fellow Canadian, Happy Canada Day! :)


angel parker said...

I enjoyed the pics. I have only been to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls and Canada is a place that I would really like to visit. In the summer of course!

Meari said...

Those are awesome pics, Mel :) And I'm glad to hear your new meds are kickin' butt! You've made a great start on the hummingbirds. It's going to be really pretty.

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy Canada Day to you too! Enjoy the mountains and great weather. In the Yukon is cold (just 4 degrees this morning). I guess the beer will be cold without coolers or ice packs!

Blu said...

Awesome pictures!
Glad to hear that the meds are working out.

Karen said...

Pretty pictures! Happy Canada Day to you too! Glad you are feeling better. :)

Anne Sans Tete said...

Happy Canada Day!!!! I love hummingbirds, so I am waiting patiently to see this finished- I'm sure it will be gorgeous!!!

- Lisa N.

Carolyn NC said...

Great hummingbirds and stitching! Love the pics!

Emily said...

Great pics, love the mountain goats. Can't wait to see the other new start.

Alberta said...

Your hummingbird bellpull is going to look what you've stitched to date!

Anonymous said...
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MaryT said...

Love what you have done so far on the hummingbird. Was sitting outside today watching 6 of therm fight each other! LOL The resit of your pictures are really nice too.

Jen said...

Looking forward to seeing hummingbird progress. Great photos!

Pumpkin said...

This will be a sweet project :o) I love the fabric you're using.

I remember Banff. It's SO beautiful there!