Thursday, July 29, 2010


We have winners for the giveaways posted last week.

They are:
Giveaway #1 (Snowmen):

Giveaway #2 (Footprints):

Congrats ladies! And thank you sooo much to everyone that has commented and visited my blog. It really helps keep me going!

I meant to take a pic of Dragons as I'm almost 1/3 done the new page already! But I forgot. :(

I will have a bunch of photos to share of progress after this weekend as it's 12 hour stitch at my LNS again on Saturday! I am very excited.
It's a long weekend in Alberta this coming weekend so more time away from the office is always a good thing! We will be hiking again as well on the Sunday. Not sure where but I'll post some pics if it's a good day next week as well.

In the meantime hope you are all stitching away!


angel parker said...

The stitch along sounds like so much fun! I always enjoy reading your blog. You lead a very interesting life.

Bekca said...

Wow, I won! I have just sent you an email Mel with all my details, thank you very much for having this giveaway :)

Pumpkin said...

Congrats ladies!!!!

Anne Sans Tete said...


- Lisa N.