Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New HAED Start & Canada Day

I have lots of fun photos to share with you all today. Hope you enjoy.

First up, a few more pictures from our mine ruin walk two weekends ago as promised.
Here is me (I actually like this picture of me which is so unusual):

And better ones of the ruins:

It was Canada Day on July 1st. And the B/F and I both got the Thursday and Friday last week off. It was sooo nice. We went climbing in the Rockies, it was cloudy so no pretty blue sky this time around; here's the B/F on a rock face (yes we have all the training and safety gear):

Then it was a Canadian Football League game in the evening, where our team the Calgary Stampeders won! Here are the fireworks from after the game:

And finally I started a the HAED SK SAL that started on July 1st. This is going to be Rose. She is a dream to stitch. I am loving her so much I find it hard to put her down. This is my progress so far:

And what she will look like when done:

(I like her sooo much more than Elfland, but I will try to finish Elfland too!)

We have a busy weekend coming up with lots of family coming into town including my cousin from Ontario, my Grandma and my siblings. All for the Calgary Stampede (it's a big outdoor western festival that runs for 10 days). It will be exhausting but hopefully fun! So pics of that to come next week. And any stitching I manage to sneak in there too.
Thanks for reading and for all your comments, past & present!


Meari said...

That is an awesome photo of you, Mel! Sounds like a fun time site seeing... beautiful scenery.

Nice progress on your newest HAED.

Nancy M said...

Nice pictures of your site seeing. Your HAED already has so much detail in the eye!!! I'm sure you'll fly right through this one!

Blu said...

That's a really great pic of you!

Rose is going to be stunning when done~

TammyK said...

Cool pics Mel & it's always nice to put a face with a blog :) Loving your Storykeep Rose & I can see why it's hard to put down. The colors are so vibrant.

Katrien said...

Rose is going to be gorgeous. Lovely pics of the ruins!

Bekca said...

Great pictures :) Wow, Rose looks fantastic so far, it's going to look wonderful when finished, keep it up!

Pumpkin said...

Cool pics!

Omg, she IS lovely! I can't believe how much you got done already. I'd never have the patience.

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely pics and great start on your HAED!

Justflo said...

Great pics. Your new HAED looks fantastic,

Maureen said...

Can't wait to see more of your HAED SK - definitely one i want to add to my ever growng list of wants!

Maureen said...

Can't wait to see more of your HAED SK - definitely one i want to add to my ever growng list of wants!

sharona said...

All your stitching is very nice!
I am all most kitted up(and pumped up) to start a HAED project. I need material and never worked on linen . What are you using for Rose? Any suggestions?
I didn't mean to get carried away with my questions.... just wanted to tell you what lovely work you do.
great job looking forward to more....Sharon

Shelley said...

I love the photo of you in the ruins.

Rose is gonna be so pretty.