Monday, May 7, 2012

Finishes, starts & a new designer, OH MY!

That's right I actually have a finish (just a little one but hey it counts), a start, a share of a project I've been teasing for weeks and some bracelets. Oh my indeed!  It was a very busy last couple of weeks so I was sooo excited to have the entire weekend to literally sit in my chair and stitch or bead. It was glorious. I so wish I could figure out a way to craft as a full-time job. Even after 3 days of more than 8 hours stitching/beading each day (I had Friday off as well) I couldn't get tired of it. Though my legs needed a walk break!

What came of this epic stitching weekend? Well... first up is the piece from Sweetheart Tree that I've been talking about for a couple of weeks. It's nearly done, needs some beads and then to be put together. I'm waiting for my interfacing to show up in the mail so that I can do the beads (they will be less likely to wander if they are stitched through the fabric and interfacing, or so the instructions tell me, we will see). I've really loved to hate almost every stitch in this. While Sweetheart Tree patterns look absolutely amazing they are not my favourite to do up. My love/hate relationship with backstitching really comes out of the woodwork. But I survived and am pretty happy with it so far:

Now let's just hope I don't screw up making it into a Quadrielle and ruin all that work!
PS: names and date are stitched they are just covered up for the privacy and protection of my friends.

What next? How about a quick glance at some new Kumihimo bracelets. I've been playing with different patterns, fibres and the like. I got a new foam disc to work with called "KumiLoom" that is just amazing. It's not circular or square (so it can do both flat and round stitches) and is a perfect size. Love it! These are the latest that I liked from the weekend:

A new designer? It seems to be rare these days that you hear about a great new designer. I feel like all we hear about, or often hear, is about how some of our beloved old favourites are retiring. But I have got a treat for you. This designer is new to me, even though she's been designing since 2004. I just adore her stuff. Kelsyn's got my attention with their geometric shape designs that use varigated threads. As you all likely remember I won 3rd place last year (in a big fair) with Needlemania's Cheryls Bouquet that is similar. So how could I not be in love with Kelsyns? (AND they include specialty stitches. It's like she read my mind!)
So I finally got my order in with her Itty Bitty pattern set. I've decided to do up my favourites of these little gems in ornament sized pieces that are suitable for my store. I've already got one done and another started! (can you tell I love these?) They are really simplistic to stitch even though they look elaborate. And almost anyone can fall in love with them, not just stitchers. I think these patterns are a great way to show people that we don't just do hearts and butterflies in cross stitch!
Without further rambling, here is the first of Kelsyn's:

 Its on 28ct Carmel Toffee linen using Weeks Dye Works Mothers Day thread.

And the one I started (what a treat to have little start and finishes for me!) using another WDW (can't remember name sorry!) on 32ct white linen:

Whew! That was a biggie. If you made it this far woohoo you deserve a prize. Better yet let's do that, nice and discreet down here and see how many are paying attention and don't just see giveaway in the header and visit. Comment and tell me what your favourite varigated colour of thread is and you'll be entered into a contest to win some patterns from my "destash" pile. (As I talk to myself I realized this is maybe proof that I am having a conversation as I write my posts, no editors here!)

Anyone that is worried that they've only seen little pieces from me lately, have no fear. I have been working a tiny bit on dragons, and am cruising on the just nan baby sampler (as babies don't wait for stitchers!) Once the wedding piece and baby piece are off my plate (end of the month) I plan to get back into cottages as well.

Thanks for visiting I do appreciate it and all of your comments!


dulcinella said...

Your post made me smile:-) why do you think people don't read till the end? I always do, way too curious!The sweetheart tree looks lovely. I think the colors are very beautiful.I also think you're bracelets are great. I love making jewelry myself, but I've never seen this type of bracelet.
As to my favorite variegated color of thread, I think I should say blue or anything springlike color. Happy stitching!

JoAnn McLaughlin said...

love your blogspot, it is soooooo sweet how you can put a smile on peoples face, keep it up. your stitching is really breath taking

Emily in NC said...

Love everything, especially the new designs.

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely colors in all your designs. You really have an eye for it!!! Keep up the good work, and hope everything is going well for you!

Linda said...

All your stitching is great. I love the colors in the wedding piece. My favorite color is green.

Thanks, Linda

Nancy said...

I am glad that you made us aware of Kelsyn. You are definitely an enabler. I just recently won a giveaway from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe of 2 blue/gray varigated hand dyed flosses. I am sure that one of her designs will be perfect for these threads. I also like the WDW thread that you can't remember the name of. If you find out which one it is let me know. Your bracelets are cool!! And yes, I did read to the bottom. You are funny to slip that giveaway in there. Hahahaha Love your stitching and look forward to eventual progress pics on dragons.

Veronica said...

I totally get your love-hate relationship with Sweetheart Tree designs. Stitched one for an exchange before. Found it a pain to keep track of the backstitches. But they're so pretty. Congratulations on finishing yours!

Lovely bracelets. I looked through Kelsyn's website. Her designs are really beautiful. Hmm... my favourite variegated thread colour? How can I just pick one? I guess it will have to be one that contains blue. I do know for certain it will be HDF silk. Well, I still love Examplar Blueberry Soup which I used to stitch Papillon Creation's Love With A Capital L.


Anonymous said...


Your Sweetheart Tree design is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it made up.

Thank you for the info on the new designer I will be having a look.
Your other projects are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit at first I thought you were going to have an "Oh no, the color ran" post--the first picture of the ST piece looks like the blue ran all over, but the second picture clearly shows that it didn't. Whew! The quadrelle is going to be lovely when it's finished.

My favorite varigated thread is one from the Caron Collection. Olive Grove, number 244. It's a beautiful combination of olive green and cobalt. It sounds icky, but on the righ piece of fabric it really pops!

What a sneaky way to see who reads all the way to the end...

Carol S.

Nancy M said...

Yep, those ST patterns looks so little and they are so detailed and take forever!!! I was at a cross stitch show in Lancaster PA in 2008 and Keslyn had a booth there. The way they are finished was so impressive too! Very pretty stuff. Good luck putting the dimensional piece together!

Jen said...

I know what you mean about The Sweetheart Tree, all the backstitching. I have this one in my stash. Could be the next project.

McKenna C. said...

Your stitching is beautiful! I actually love to backstitch! :)

Those bracelets are darling!

Please include me in your giveaway! I think my favorite variated color of thread would have to be green.


ChrisG said...

I feel the same way about the Sweet Heart Tree. I admire her work, but after doing one design, its unlikely I shall do another. I had an opportunity to purchase one of her biscornu kits at %50 off and despite this great bargain, did not purchase it. In hindsight I should have just because it would have made a good gift.

Katrien said...

beautiful stitching, and that new designer does look promising. You'll do just fine on the Quadrielle :)
hm, varigated thread, I haven't worked much with any yet, and those I have worked with are just from DMC, can't find much else around here, and haven't gotten around to go search through the ONS.

lesli said...

I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one that despises back stitching! That's probably the first thing I love about HAEDs...they have ZERO!

Those bracelets are so gorgeous! that one on the right...are those tiny beads or floss? I can't figure it out (hence, the reason I should not make bracelets!)

Love your finish....the design and floss are perfect together!

mab3500 said...

Beautiful stitches! Those flowers are so beautiful on you quadrille. I can't wait to see it finished and I believe you will make it wonderful. I honestly like all the variations. You can do so much with them. I have yet to find a full rainbow one yet, so I guess the DMC Color Variations 4047 Emerald Isle would have to be about my favorite.