Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Poll Winner! (and a tiny finish)

Thank you to everyone that voted on last week's HAED chart choice. The winner (by a landslide) is Anne Stokes "Water Dragon". This is really great as it was the last one I needed to complete the set of charts from her "Friends and Dragons" series. So woohoo! (anyone got 10 years to give me that I can stitch straight to get them all done? lol) I will be requesting this beauty as my April free chart from Michele at HAED.

 I also got a little piece done up that will go on my Etsy store sometime later in the week. (we need to take good lightbox pictures of it to post it to the store). However here is a (really bad) picture of this cute little pattern I did up in Halloween colours. It's from Just Cross Stitch magazine last year's Halloween issue (I think). Sorry I can't remember the designer right now...
However here is a pic:

I have been working on the Sweetheart Tree wedding quadrielle but havn't gotten to taking a photo of it. I think I will have stitched it 3 times by the time I am done because of all the frogging (darn backstitch / running stitch). I need to learn how to count, LOL. Funny thing that a counted cross stitcher can't count!
For those that aren't familiar with the new pattern here's a link to it

It's been a tough time at the office the last couple of weeks (and this week seems to be the toughest). I should have some time off here coming up in the next few days (I hope) where I will be able to get some real solid stitching in. So I'm hoping for lots of new updates coming soon. 
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Denise SA said...

So glad the water dragon won. Love your finish

Emily in NC said...

Nice design, you could do that up in several different colors and it would look totally different. Glad you can complete the set of dragons even if it will take you a lifetime to stitch them all.

mab3500 said...

Yay I voted on that one!