Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Children of the New World


Title: Children of the New World 

Author: Alexander Weinstein

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi, Short Story Anthology

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

There were three really solid little stories in this anthology of dystopia snippets. I say snippets because many of these stories are more ideas that haven't been fleshed out enough. 

Even the best writers can't tell a good story in 8 pages. Almost all the ideas in Alexander Weinstein's compilation of Children of the New World are unique and engaging; but most just don't have enough there to really make me feel like I was told a story with characters I can remember. 

Many of the stories I can barely remember the basic premise they were so short. 

The three stories definitely worth reading however are: The Pyramid & The Ass, Fall Line, Saying Goodbye to Yang. 

I hope Weinstein takes a concept or two and writes some substantial stories in the future. Even 100-200 pages could really be a difference maker to feel like there's a real message in his words. 

I'd definitely read fiction from him again; he has a great handle on dystopian futures that are weird and odd but all very believable. 

Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review. Don't believe me? Check out the other books I've had eARCs for that I gave great or poor reviews to. I always give my opinion whether good or bad. 


cucki said...

Thank you for sharing x

Leonore Winterer said...

I hardly read short stores (expect for those that are like 'add ons' to existing books or movies or games) because either I don't like then, or I do like them and then I'm sad there isn't more of that world or characters to explore...this mostly sounds like another reason for that policy!