Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgive me...

So you'll have to forgive me if I am a bit absent this week in photos and stitching news.
We are in the last week of production for the Summer magazine that I work for, and I think I should just get a cot and sleep at my office when I can.
We are quite behind and need to (hopefully) make friday's deadline. Mostly so we can get the printers our files on time, but also because we all need the long weekend (coming up in Canada this weekend) to recuperate so that we don't kill each other after working numerous weekends and 12 hour days together.
So I'm on the home stretch of this craziness. Tired, but working so that is good.

I did get a chance to stitch for about an hour last night on the Ducky. It's going alright. But I likely won't post some new pictures until I get a fair bit of it done, as it just continues to look like a yellow blob on the linen. Not that exciting for you all to see.

Coming up: More crazy work for me in the next week. On the stitching front maybe the Papillion SAL Part 2 completion by next week and more progress on my WIP's.


Kathy said...

On the working front--Been there. Done that. Since I too am in publishing for the last 28 years I so well understand what you are going through. But you WILL make the deadline. :)

Just think of a nice long bubble bath, hours of stress free stitching time and best of a shopping trip Nothing beats retail therapy after weeks of stress at work. LOL

Those are usually my tricks to unwind after a press deadline. Hope one or more work for you.

Jen said...

I had a mega deadline this week too, 75 pieces of substantial marking to be in the post today to be at the exam board by Friday, the last piece came in this morning! So this weekend could be a glass of wine or two, nice soak and a new start! Enlisted for the Papillon SAL myself yesterday and threads are already sorted. Did you add on the eight inches they suggest for framing as that seems like a lot to me. Look forward to watching your progress on that one and the rest of your WIPs.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you get to surface soon and pick up where you left off your stitching!

Margie said...

Mel ~

I am sorry to hear about the stress at your work. I hope things calm down for you and you are able to do some relaxing and some stitching as well.

Also, I would like to let you know that I have left a little surprise for you on my blog! :~) So please stop by when you do have some time! :~)