Friday, May 29, 2009

Health Update

So I had the big appointment yesterday... what have I learned? Well I have learned that it is not as serious as we were concerned about. I have an official migraine headache diagnosis (which is not surprising) and that the vertigo and tingling fingers is not MS as we had been warned about (and feared about) but probably much simpler. And I must tell you I feel kinda dumb writing this... but they think it's anxiety attacks. I had no idea you could have these types of attacks and have no clue that you were having anxiety. So we are going to look into some meditation and such. I'm a non-drug kinda person so I will not take drugs until I absolutely have to, so I'm going to try some herbal and relaxation techniques first.
Mostly it's just a relief that it's not anything crazy serious, still a problem but now one we can manage.

Alright, enough of that depressing stuff!
Stitching! I stitched on Judgement last night, forgive me I have no picture as the B/F was feeding our snakes and we had no time. But I will try to get one up next week for sure I made some good progress.

This weekend we are hopefully going to get out to my LNS where they have Circle of Friends from Mirabilia on hold for me and the Christmas preview magazine of Just Cross Stitch. I may also get some material for one of my HAED storykeeps. So pictures will follow if we get there (the store is out of the city so we have to drive a bit to get there).

Coming up: Judgement picture update, and I *WILL* do a giveaway next week of a Lavender and Lace pattern. Watch for it! :)


5footrunt said...

Happy it's not MS though migraines aren't any fun either. Keep up the progress on your Judgement. Can't wait to see your pics.

funderbug said...

If you try meditation, give it time... remember it's a practice not a perfect :-)

Carolyn NC said...

Migraines can be no fun, but glad you're not having to deal with MS. Looking forward to the pictures.

EvalinaMaria said...

That's an excellent news and I am so happy for you! I strongly believe in power of meditation. Here is a link to one of my favorite ones:
(highlight the address and copy to your browser)
Good luck!

Tammy said...

It's great that it's not MS. Anxiety & stress are sneaky rascals. I have rheumatoid & my elbow breaks out in a rash. My doctor told me it's stress. I didn't even realize I was stressed :o) I see you've made some good progress on Judgement in your last post.

Nancy said...

Glad you found out it wasn't something terribly serious and now you can deal with the diagnosis!

Meari said...

Glad to hear your symptoms isn't as serious as you thought. I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years. Sometimes they come on for no reason, other times due to stress. I don't take meds for them either. I hope you can get a handle on it. Looking forward to seeing your pictorial update :)