Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hiking, Stitching & Me

Well it's been awhile. We did get my magazine out the door... late but alas still out after four 12 hour days in a row (and a 16 hour one in there too!). So needless to say that my stitching has suffered.
I do however have two photos to share. I"m about halfway through Part 2 of the Papillion SAL (and part 3 came out the other day! I'm so gonna become behind on this one).
Here is my progress so far:

And the second stitching photo is rubber ducky. Still not ducky looking. But starting to have some colours in it.

I have worked on Judgement, but not enough to warrant a picture just yet.

After my crazy epic days on Sunday I had a chance to spend some time with my B/F and we went on a short hike to the "sort-of mountains" we call these the sort-of mountains because they are on the edge of the Rockies. We are only about an hour and a half away from Banff in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. But where we went here is called Elbow Valley and not officially in the Rockies.

Anyhow, it was a nice day. And good to get out.
Here are some photos to share of you.... and *gasp* my first posted picture of myself. :)

This is Elbow Falls a popular destination for tourists (and a paved walkway for those who can't hike far!)

The edge of the Rockies... there is still alot of snow up there!

Some of our hike was along this creek.

And yes that is me. I am a real person, not just someone random on the internet. :)

I have so enjoyed getting to know all of you and appreciate all your comments, so I figured I was at a comfort zone that I could share some hiking photos. :)

Coming up: Hopefully more progress on Judgement and finishing Papillion SAL part 2.


Gabi said...

Wow, what for great vacation pictures. Love them all. That waterfall is impressive. My husband and I are hikers too and I really enjoyed these pictures. The pic of you is great too Mel. It's so nice if you can put a face to the person you're "talking" to on the internet.
The Papillion SAL is coming along nicely. Love your fabric too. Cute rubber duck.

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful SAL stitching! I do some ducky looking colors for sure. Fantastic shots of your hike and you!

Rene la Frog said...

A little progress is better than no progress.

Thank your for sharing the photos from your hike, they are beautiful.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful region you live in. I can't get enough looking at these gorgeous pictures. I love mountains and the Rockies in particular.
Beautiful SAL by Papillion.

EvalinaMaria said...

Beautiful pictures from your hiking trip. Did you see any wild life?

Mel said...

We didn't see any significant wildlife this time around. Just some birds and ducks and that.
We need to go deeper into the valley or up the otherside of the mountains to see deer and that.
Later in the summer we will do longer hikes and hopefully get some wildlife pics for everyone.

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful area you live in! Of course, much more enjoyable in the warm months, for those of us who don't like the COLD!!! The SAL looks nice, I just signed up for it and am awaiting my Vicki Clayton fibers to arrive to pick my material.